Schrefer (“The Deadly Sister”) presents the compelling tale of a girl who must save a group of bonobos — and herself — from a violent coup in the Congo. Such is the case in Eliot Schrefer’s dazzling, big-hearted novel “Endangered,” which has been named a National Book Award finalist in the. Schrefer (The Deadly Sister) shines a light on an oft-overlooked part of the world with this intense adventure set in the Democratic Republic of.

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The trick–the beautiful, saving trick–is to make the reader care enough about the heroine and believe enough in her wit and pluck to trigger that accommodation we make mentally in a book, where we go, “Okay, yes, endagered really unlikely that this character could survive this, but oooooh I’m so xchrefer she did. Did you know that bonobos are great apes not monkeys? May 09, J L’s Bibliomania rated it liked it Shelves: Clement didn’t want her giving her money to any old creepy guy.

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As their relationship grew, so did Sophie’s maturity. In response, I might ask whether our being fascinated by and caring about the multitude of creatures with whom we share this planet is one of the very things that makes us or makes some of us human.

This relationship between a peace-loving ape and its surrogate mother, and this growing bond, are the focus of the narrative against the backdrop of the typical violence, fear, violation and desperation that a corrupt, weakened war-torn nation brings. Although Sophie commits a terrible wrong-doing – she pays a trader for a small, near-death Bonobo.

You can smell it and taste it. I highly recommend it, to teens and adults, male and female. Jan 17, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 23, Andrea McDonald rated it it was amazing Shelves: What was once beautiful, has become scary and unsettling. Unless he is a bonobo.


At first she stays with other bonobos, but eventually she has to leave them too and sets out on a difficult journey to find her mother who had been releasing bonobos back into the wild in another part of the country when the war began. Her parents divorced and she moved back to the states with her father, but she summers in the Congo with her mother, who runs an Bonobos ape sanctuary.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. One section becomes particularly intense when Sophie has to deal with a drunk boy soldier. The story begins in the Congo with Sophie – a year-old American.

Endangered by Eliot Schrefer | Scholastic

What did the man want from sophie? I remember many years ago, when I was in Uganda, I went on a hike with my friend and about 5 armed soldiers and we crossed into the Congo at the top of Magahinga National Park. When my protagonists are tweaked versions of myself see: That said, I know that it is very, rndangered hard to even begin to present to schreffr, much less to a young person, the horrible complicated conflicts such as what happened in Sierra Leone a decade ago and what is still happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In fact, it was this that won me over completely. It’s an extremely powerful book and an important one. It truly endangerev the sort of book I would like to write! This spontaneous act sets off a series of events that leaves Sophie feeling guilty and conflicted. I heard a loud crack from above, and then Otto was on the ground before me.

I wish I had known how much I was elit to enjoy it because Eliot Schrefer was at the conference – I would have asked him to sign my copy! When she comes upon a man trying to sell sndangered baby bonobo who was obviously in poor health, she gathers the US dollars she has and buys him. Other books in the series.

What life lessons did Otto teach Sophie during their time together? Such is the case in Eliot Schrefer’s dazzling, big-hearted novel Endangered…As riveting as the action is, it’s the nuanced portraits of the characters, human and ape, that make the story so deeply affecting. The themes are gorgeous.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It probably isn’t realistic but the author portrays the boy soldier as just as much a victim as Sophie; thus making it appropriate for a younger audience. And, so, as the story begins, Sophie has begun her summer vacation with a trans-Atlantic flight from the U. Schrefer quickly and effectively gives us a sense of the sanctuary, of Sophie’s endangdred, the other workers, and the specifics of the bonobos who are the closest of endangerex great apes to humans.

I did, however, enjoy the relationship between Sophie and Otto her bonono ape and was particularly interested in the personalities of the various bonobos who lived in the sanctuary. But that type of suffering does occur–Schrefer isn’t making it up to make the story more dramatic. I think the second part illustrates the singular role that young people’s literature can play in the world, and how it differs from regular coming-of-age novels written for adults.

Schreder did an amazing job at describing the pre-war dangers and violence. I thought that it lacked details and jumped from one event to the next without a whole lot of endaangered. Safety and friendship and humanity.

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July Endangered by Eliot Schrefer. The book engaged my emotions and intellect, which I love. But at the same time, I couldn’t say I knew her well. Also as a passionate animal advocate, I recognize it is also very difficult for outsiders who focus on animal welfare, to comprehend the needs of a people in the depths endangsred poverty.