Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Drawn largely from the autobiography of Babur, the Book 1 of 6 in Empire of the Moghul Series (6 Book Series). The first book in the Empire of the Moghul series: chronicling the rise and fall of the Moghul rulers of India, beginning with Babur who swept in from Central Asia. Raiders from the North is the first in a quintet of novels chronicling the rise and fall of the Moghul Empire. The story begins in when the ruler of Ferghana.

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Felt like reading a pure 12th STD history ,little diversion should have been added ,but full for war noting else. Trust me, there is not a single dull page in the novel. Dec 13, Ramona Lazar rated it really liked it.

Though not necessarily in the same order. That’s huge when you compare with the British reign of 90 years starting in Too much info dump and not enough incorporation into the story for me. Audible Download Audio Books. Sadly for Raiders from the North and I am sad about it as I think for anybody who is not me, this could be a very good read I pushed myself out of my comfort zone at the wrong time in my life.

The book then shows us the vulnerability of the new emperor of Hindustan. On another occasion while researching our book on one of our favourite characters the buccaneer-naturalist William Dampier, ‘A Pirate of Exquisite Mind’, we set out in his footsteps to cross the Darien Isthmus in Panama with local Indian guides.

Summarising his entire life would be the basic definition of a hurricane. Apparently, at least two people wrote RFTN, and admittedly, the story read this way to me. I have more misses than hits when reading historical fiction based on them, because I have little interest in the era from a fictional standpoint, I am much better with non fiction on them.


This book attempts to peek into the life of Babur, the founder of Mughal Empire in India. Empire of the Moghul” by Starting with Babur’s coronation at age 12, following both his successes and failures, until his untimely death, Raiders is a great introduction to this period and area of history that many Western readers probably don’t know much about.

Although I have previous knowledge of the history element, those that are less familiar with the historical context will have no problem following the events that are describe within this novel.

Raiders from the North by Alex Rutherford

I do not know how two people write a book together, especially a husband and wife. I have outright enjoyed Raiders from the North and the other three books in the Empire of the Moghul quintet.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I prefer tje full of encouragement and self-help tips now, especially that I am going through a very rough phase in my life.

Empire Of The Mughal: He was almost illiterate, who after becoming a king by birth the age of 12, fought most of his life trying to justify his Taimuri lineage. Spotlight on William Barton – Dark, Explicit 90’s Every character was sketched excellently. The only issue is the pacing of the most of it is unavoidable as Rziders had huge a ghe jump in between as far as I know with the time jumps.

After gaining and losing the same lands several times, raieers settled on Hindustan, a wise choice. Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay balance th 10 days.

Belief in your destiny to succeed has to earned by sheer hard work and persistence. Nations have to have selective history, and for some reasons Moghuls have not really featured as favourites in the popular history of Pakistan, which is a great loss indeed. There is also a list of main characters, a sketch map, a historical note by the author as well as specific notes detailing various personae, times and places.


The lifestyle and atmosphere of the time is also vividly depicted. This support is successful history for a young struggling nation like Pakistan on the macro level. And I really noticed that Babar was just a kid. Another particular note is the ease at which the book uses a straight forward approach to tackling Indian History. Would love to connect with you on email. In researching the author before the read, I found this important information.

The first book in the Empire of the Moghul series: From time to time I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something I would not normally read and this book was one of those times. With a conqueror, we want to hear about the battles, the kingly decisions, and struggles.

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While working on our book about Captain Scott and the race for the South Pole, ‘A First Rate Tragedy’, the Russian research vessel on which raiderd were sailing into Antarctica’s Ross Sea was nearly lost in one of the worst storms in Antarctic history with knot winds over kilometres per hour and 20 metre high waves.

There’s nothing to endear you to the lead character, Babur – whose name means ‘tiger’, possi I’d hoped for much more from this book. Though it has got me intrigued about the era and culture so I will probably head for a non-fiction or notrh instead of the HF. Making the ultimate sacrifice, Babur eventually prays that his life be taken and Humayun’s spared, and that is exactly what happens.

The nrth scenes have been described really well.