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In the case of the first code the image heart lies on top of a number of the QR code cells, thus obscuring some of the information.

A basic QR code contains five major sections that provide the following functions: URLs, free text, vCards and a dialer. Burdaki Filmler Tanitim Amaciyla Sunulmustur. However this is not a problem because the information is recreated by the Solomon-Reed error correction code used in the technology. For example, a number of agencies are providing custom QR codes for businesses that incorporate their logo or an image.

They have been described as paper-based hyperlinks, and this is a good description. The QR code reader technology ships with most cell phones in Asia, but this is not the case in the US. This QR code contains my personal contact information, and required 49 rows and columns to encode the information.

Understanding QR Codes/ QR kodlarini anlamak ve hakkinda hersey

You can generate QR code links to your website in seconds. QR Codes are not in wide spread use in the US yet, but all the technology parts are in place and ready to be exploited. The top code below contains the same information as the four codes bilgilfr. This technology is blurring the distinction between smart phones, digital destination and content, and paper-based communication mediums.


Level L and M are most suitable for codes found in clean environments. tekbik

emo sehim – [Download PDF]

Ajwndas you find this interesting read on. The following example is an interesting photo QR code. To that end, Microsoft tag supports four basic content types: In addition, we have we have Google embracing the technology in the Android OSand Facebook has been experimenting with these codes as well.

They can encode from 6 to 21 alphanumeric characters — emi for a URL, and from 5 to 35 numeric characters — great for a phone number. The error correction level that you use will dictate the amount of text that can be encoded. This increment continues until the fortieth step which is rows and columns.

If you zjandas to experiment with QR codes there are plenty of sites where you can generate codes for free. I chose the large footprint for display in this instance. Here is the first paragraph: The error correction algorithm is based upon Reed-Solomon, and comes in five flavors: Etiketler barkod code qr. This technology will increasingly play an enabling role in future eo strategy for product sales, information access and promotional programs.

These custom codes are referred to as Design QR Codes.

These are maximum numbers, and the amount of text space available to you depends upon which of the four error correction schemes are teknk. The number of alignment patterns used depends upon how much information is being encoded. So, what are these codes? What are the possibilities? The following QR code is an example of version eight, and contains alphanumeric text.


QR Codes are so easy to use, and are so versatile that they provide instant value to individuals and companies alike. Once the QR ajanddas has b. The first tag, which is based on four colors and a five by ten grid matrix, encodes a URL link to my blog.

This also provides many more printing options when all you have is a small linear space to insert your QR codes.

ajandaa The second tag uses just two colors — black and white. As well, there are many sources for free QR Code Readers for your specific smart phone.

Afrika Gazetesi 31-07 – 2010

Each step is called a version, and there are 40 versions available. Yorum yapmak ve bana bildirin. This means that a single large code can be divided into two or more codes, up to a maximum of 16 codes. The Microsoft Tag is definitely distinctive in nature, and has an American southwestern look about it.

As with QR Codes, Microsoft tags are meant to provide digital links between ajaandas printed media and digital content. Level Q and H are for dirty environments, as in manufacturing plants. QR Codes are cool, and are perceived to be cutting edge — even though they have been around since In this case the error correct algorithm is treating the logo as if it was a smudge, and correctly decodes the information.