. SYMCLI SRM( Mapping) Commands symhostfs- Display information about a. EMC – SYMCLI By P.S Rathore If I get a dollar for each time I searched for a symcli command to achieve something, I would have been a one. You can have up to 5 SRPs, but EMC recommends that you just have one, unless you need to physically . Older VMAX and Symmetrix SYMCLI commands.

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Shows the devices are mapped to 12f: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Symcli Commands

Once it is disabledwe can remove the DATA devices from thin pool. Lists all devices in symmetrix The link will go to NotReady NR state. List all the hosts wlong with the OS version, connected to array Move all the devices from composite group TestCg to another coposite group called DevCg and assign new name from each ldev. List all devices within the array symdev list symdev -v list will take a long time to run because of commande sheer amount of output.

Lists all the external locks held in Symmetrix array With “detail” option ,this commands will displays the multiple thin pools that each TEVS binded with. Your Blog is really help full in configuring Vmax3 in our environment and We need a information regarding eNAS configuration. Reclaim the allocated but unused space as well as the comjands space completely written with zeros. We can’t delete PG if it is part of any Masking View.

We can’t delete SG if it is part of a Masking View. I would also like to see emmc information regarding online device expansions no meta devices for Hypermax. Like most features in the VMAX to access the functionality simply put the word sym in front of the feature name. Rule of pair mapping rule of Set or clear visibility in masking database so that host should find all devices, even if they are noncontiguous LUNs symmask set visibility.


Write disable the device ABC from through e,c directors. Export all device groups created in array to file mydgfile. Notify me of new comments via email.

Note your storage group will only show up in this command output if it is FAST managed. All these devices must NOT be linked with any target devices. See symclu technote for full details.

And also, we cannot remove a symdli from a tier if the tier is in an associated policy,and a device in the storage group is bound to the pool. List all the snapshot source devices in vmax with additional informations such as expiration date. Source R1 devices become target R2 devices, and target R2 devices become source Xommands devices. Needless to say, taking snapshots on VMAX3 is quicker, more efficient and easier than it has been on any previous generations.

Once installed the below table lists all common commands that can be used using the symcli command interface. AAB to pool MyPool;” commit.

The prepare option will validate the command syntax and Verify the appropriateness of the changes and operations. Create and add your devices, here I am creating 5 x GB devices and adding to my storage group.

EMC SYMCLI Commands | EMC Storage Area Network

Shows the configuration information about the current symapi database. On completion, the database device cannot be written to by the operating system. Displays online cmmands connection status of all front-end director ports. Monitor the Symaudit log for any new entries, every 5 seconds and display the result if any thing added.

List all the devices in Storage Group “MySg” along with its type,state and size. Email required Address never made public.


For deeper dive and more on the internals please see the Technote on EMC. List all the devices in vmax with the Optimized Read Miss mode off.

List all the devices in vmax with the Optimized Read Miss mode on. List LUN addresses available on a given FA and also to see which luns are mapped to which devices symcfg —sid list -address -available -fa 7e —p 0. Display the list of disks configured as hotspares in the array symdisk -sid list -hotspare. This command also shows the estimated time to sync up all the devices if those are currently in “sync in progress” state. Creating Snapshots SnapVX is simplest when your storage has been designed with an application per storage group, you can still use device groups or files if you want but VMAX3 supports 64K storage groups, that is enough for one per application in most environments and means only managing a single entity for each application for provisioning as well as local replication and remote replication.

Create device group mydg of rdf1 type. Resume the suspend the replication from R1 to R2 devices. Query the device group. Creates and initiator group called Host1 by adding the specified wwn. Refresh the database This is sometimes needed after masking on DMXs.

Display the clone state information about the device pairs provided in file clonepairs. Delete the login history of wwn from all FA logged ports. Dispalys all the disks in the array by grouping by disk groups.

You can populate excel in two ways. This will make the traget devices in ReadWrite RW mode.