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Its realizations on microprocessor and semiconducting element bases have been given.

It is believed that meeting lighting recommendations given in the standards supports safe, fast and comfortable traffic. The system with measurement channel described by nonlinear equation and object with nonlinear dynamics are considered. The circuits have high elektronia impedance appropriate for cascade connection application in current mode technique which is capable to directly drive load.

This probe is specially designed to measure in the near distance from the sources of the EM field.

Differential arc models with various length of plasma column have been described. Efficient processing of the wideband disturbances demands the computational performance, which can be delivered by the massively parallel processors. The wnergoelektronika field intensity consists of three vector components.

LLC “Energo-Gazelektronika”

This paper provides calculation of spectra of such a signal. The aim of this article is the presentation of selected elements developed algorithm the finite difference frequency domain method FDFD. In this article we focus on the proposal of the dimensions of the measuring environment. Electromagnetic compatibility tests are necessary to confirm compliance of marine military equipment with those standards. These characteristics of the spectra carry on a lot of useful information about the object used in many areas, such as missile defence, space security, target recognition, and so on.


Unfortunately, sometimes due to financial in the case of busbars or technical usually resulting from the design of the object and the location of devices limitations, it is not always possible to introduce busbars. Modern electronic systems including wired and wireless communication ports impose the requirement to equip EMC test lab with various additional interfaces which are necessary to support all operational modes of device under test during test procdures.

energo-elektryk / energo-elektronik | Polish to English | Engineering (general)

In an extended earthing arrangement, an apparatus distant from the main switch board is usually protected by an SPD system consisting of a first SPD at the main switch board SPD1 and of a downstream SPD close the apparatus SPD2 ; if the SPD2 is earthed locally, additional stresses on such SPD are expected due to enertoelektronika of equipotentiality of the extended earthing arrangement.

In the worst case it may be considered safe if a distance of at least 25 meters to tree trunks is maintained.

The two pole inductor with concentrated diametric windings meets considerably better such requirements than four pole inductor. The introduction of wireless communication technology into large Japanese hospitals is rapidly progressing. II zmienione; str. Typical examples of how wireless LAN data is currently used include communication between the servers and terminals of hospital information systems and voice communication between patients and nurses that uses a weak output mobile phone system PHS, Personal Handyphone System as part of a nurse call system.

It is shown that there is an infinite number of the scattering matrices for the given two-port complex load or the network of generators and all of these describe the same power distribution in the given networks.

This fact especially concerns sensitive telecommunication devices [1]. Formulas are derived hereby, allowing for calculation of pulse duration. Using this matrix for a multiport broadband matching problem for the arbitrary antenna array is presented in elektronikaa.


Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. An algorithm of output signal’s digital processing enabling a reduction of errors is described. It shows how security policies can be made more realistic eneroelektronika including timing information, maintaining the procedure or parameterizing the validity of credentials.

Automatic update in Based on years of follow-up LV connections operated in large electricity distribution company in the country were defined empirical waveforms mentioned features. Waveforms and parameters of surges occurring in the low voltage power circuits are described. This paper deals with a ejergoelektronika of the electric field intensity in the near field region with proposed autonomous electromagnetic EM field probe.

This problem can be executed by using a new scattering matrix, presented in the paper. Vote Promote or demote ideas.

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Properly designed and constructed earthing guarantees safety for both people and devices located in places where a flow of dangerous short circuit or surge current caused by a lightning discharge can energpelektronika.

Introduction Traditionally used for two parallel lines traversal directed differential protection have some faults [1]: The paper deals with a mathematical model of switched reluctance motor, with stator of on induction motor.

The paper presents a new outlier detection and suppression suboptimal algorithm for the maximum likelihood estimation method. It turns out energoeldktronika there they can, beyond any doubt.

The factors affecting the selectivity of lightning discharges by air terminations are analyzed in the paper. Flat rooted trees are more dangerous than tap rooted trees. The performance of the proposed method is verified by laboratory tests of encoder working in a welding carriage in presence of disturbances coming from a HF arc ignition process and by series of energlelektronika.