Elaeocarpus floribundus occurs from India eastward to Vietnam, Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia (to Borneo) and the Philippines (Palawan). It has been. Indian Olive is an evergreen moderate sized tree with spreading crown and clean bole of m length. It occurs in evergreen forests of NE. Indian Olive, Elaeocarpus floribundus Fruit: Perspective to the Antioxidative . Indian Olive, Elaeocarpus floribundus Fruit: Perspective to the.

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Elaeocarpus Floribundus Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Or, Login with your user account:. Structural studies of water-soluble acidic polysaccharides of Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk and Elaeocarpus floribunda Blume fruits. Leaves simple, alternate, spiral; petioles ca. May also be referred to include anatomy.

Elaeocarpus floribundus Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Elaeocarpus floribundus Plant species x – 15k – jpg envis. Elaeocarpus johnsonii Elaeocarpus joga Merr. The wood is suitable for light carpentry. The flowers yield nectar for honey bees. Document specific search options Title.


The bark and leaves are used in a poultice to treat ulcers. Inflorescence an axillary raceme up to 22 cm long, many-flowered. A skin care product containing extracts from Elaeoarpus floribundus showed excellent active-oxygen scavenging actions, and is claimed to have excellent anti-aging and skin-whitening activities.

Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. Flowers are small and white, in drooping racemes, in the axils of fallen leaves.

Elaeocarpus floribundus Images

Search in all groups Search within this group. Elaeocarpus Elaeocarpus sylvestrisbranch with fruits Scientific classification Kingdom: In Malaysia, the bark and leaves are used in a poultice for ulcers and an extract is drunk as a tonic. The useful plants of West Tropical Africa. The wood is generally easy to air dry.

Tree flora of Malaya. Observation specific search options Observed during. The breeding biology of the endemic Grey-headed Bulbul Pycnonotus priocephalus was studied from Many species are threatenedin particular by habitat loss.

In tropical Asia leaf sap, bark and seeds are elaoecarpus used in traditional medicine.

Elaeocarpus floribundus Medicinal Plants of Asia and the The local people used the leaves in rheumatism. Seasonal migration and reproduction are usually treated separately. Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. Elaeocarpus floribundus Euphorbia longan x – 26k – jpg www. Elaeocarpus floribundus wood in radial section.


Elaeocarpus floribundus Bl. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. Elaeocarpus floribundus Plant species x – 49k – jpg envis. It includes published material or suggestions from the author or others. Manager of Publications, Delhi, India.

May be referred to as or include habit, defined as the characteristic mode of growth or occurrence associated to its environment, particularly for plants.

In Asia the stones are used as beads. Thiruvananthapuram District harbours more than 1, medicinal plants of which plants are hosts