El vampiro (Spanish Edition) [John Polidori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Polidori, John. El Vampiro (Spanish Edition) [John William Polidori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El Vampiro. John William Polidori () Con . por John William Polidori en The Vampyre: a Tale, el cual es un prototipo . veremos, el vampiro de Polidori, Lord Ruthven es reflejo más que explícito, retrato.

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Oct 19, Karla V. Kept indoors by the “incessant rain” of that “wet, ungenial summer”, [3] over three days in June the five turned to telling fantastical tales, and then writing their own.

There, I said it! His long, Byron-influenced theological poem The Fall of the Angelswas published anonymously in But I can’t ignore its importance in initiating the horror genre we know today.

The real life Byron eventually endowed Polidori with the less than flattering epithet: Want to Dl saving…. Polidori’s feelings towards his debauched past employer are quite clear. Refresh and try again.

The Vampyre

The edition of The Vampyre that I read, which is different from this one, reproduces that fragment as well, and it is superior in style and treatment to Polidori’s effort. His version is much better than Polidori’s.

Unia rated it really liked it Jun 22, Sofia Scissorhands rated it really liked it Oct 28, Retrieved 27 February Thus, this story is a work by polidodi of them, and furthermore, the characters Lord Ruthven and Aubrey are based on Lord Byron and Polidori.

Sep 03, Santi rated it it was amazing.

The story has its genesis in the summer ofthe Year Without a Summerwhen Europe and parts of North America underwent a severe climate abnormality. While I polodori appreciate pklidori importance of this text as the first vampire story, I’m glad it was a short read, since it’s lost most of its tension over the years. My fascination rests with the creature of the undead, shrouded in darkness and legend, surrounded by hushed voices and hear-says.


Despite an almost non-existent dialogue the prose isn’t heavy at all. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. I can’t say I was disappointed, because I didn’t have high expectations.

Polidori named the character “Lord Ruthven” as a joke. About John William Polidori.

The Vampyre; A Tale by John William Polidori

If you are fan of traditional, dare I say classic, vampire fiction One night in June, after the company had read aloud from the Tales of the Deada collection of horror tales, Byron suggested that they each write a ghost story. Few authors would have the courage to end their story as Polidori does, which is a shame.

Before he dies, Ruthven makes Aubrey swear an oath that he will not mention his death or anything else he knows about Ruthven for a year and a day. His long, Byron-influenced theological poem The Fall of the Angelswas published anonymously in Of course the work wasn’t Byron’s and Polidori had a merry chase trying to establish the correct authorship of the work.

El Vampiro : John William Polidori :

He was also educated and a physican and a member of the Polidori family that went o This is the first vampire story in the English language, and Polidori based the character on Lord Byron, which was not a stretch, since Byron was pretty much an emotional vampire to those around him. Byron even released his own Fragment of a Novel in an attempt to clear up the mess, but, for better or worse, “The Vampyre” continued to be attributed to him.


They travel to Rome, but Aubrey leaves Lord Ruthven due to certain circumstances. Published January 2nd by Echo Library first published April 1st John William Polidori’s The Vampyre is both a classic tale of gothic horror and the progenitor of the modern romantic vampire myth that has been fodder for artists ranging from Anne Rice to Alan Ball to Francis Ford Coppola. Polidori was the personal physician of the infamous Lord Byron, and this work of fiction was conceived on that famous holiday event in which Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and Mary Godwin who would later become Mary Shelley issued a challenge to each other to write Gothic stories.

The editor in my edition flatly accuses him of plagiarism, and it’s a fair cop. In fact, I was actually amazed at how truly dark it was. I felt nothing for Lord Ruthven, just as I felt nothing for Aubrey.

Fabula marked it as to-read Sep 15, Looking back, Aubrey realizes that everyone whom Ruthven met ended up suffering. He later produced this literary treatment of the vampire legend the first one to be published in English using Byron’s story, which the fam Note, April 13, Mary Shelley worked on a tale that would later evolve into Frankenstein.

Ruthven is clearly Byron who, like Ruthven, travels about Europe “corrupting” young women using his charms.