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Ders Notları Bu ders, öğrencileri takip eden dönemlerde alacakları ekonometri derslerine Ders, istatistik teorisinin temel prensiplerini vurgulamaktadır. Ders Notları · Ödevler ve Çözümler · Sınavlar (çözümler yok). Dersin Açıklaması. Bu ders, iktisatçılar ve diğer sosyal bilimciler için olasılık ve istatistik alanında bir çalışma olan Ekonometri için gerekli olan konulara yoğunlaşacağız ve UYGULAMALI EKONOMETRİ 1- DERS NOTLARI Kukla · 1 sürümü DOSYA.

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Web Site of the Department.

Elektronik 1 Ders Notları

The Department of Economics offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics. The modern analytical and quantitative methods of economics are emphasized, not merely as tools but as part of an overall approach to train students in systematic and independent critical thinking.

The undergraduate program offers a wide range of courses in all fields of economics and the students graduate with a very strong overall background in economics. Those who go on to graduate school, both in Turkey and abroad, have been exceptionally successful with their analytical background.


Dokuz Eylül University Information Package / Courses Catalog

National income and its determination; changes in national income, elements of public finance, money and banking, international trade, macroeconomic policy, economic growth and development; illustrations and applications from the Turkish economy. Static games under complete information: Global imbalances; currency crisis; twin-deficits; balance of payments adjustments; domestic and foreign savings and economic growth in open economies. Experimental economics; behavioral economics.

ECEC EC or consent of the instructor. Alternative ways of conceptualizing economies: Alternative ways of ekonmoetri economic processes: Using behavioral economics for public policy.

Case studies on issues such as fisheries, forest management, biodiversity conservation, climate change. Structure of the tax system, taxes based on income, taxes based on expenditures, taxes emonometri on wealth and transfer of wealth, elasticity of the tax system and tax burden. EC and Senior Standing.

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Other economic policy issues. The circumstances where such projects are warranted are to be determined by the faculty members.


The scope and duration of the reading and research projects are to be indicated at the beginning of the semester. Web Site of the Department Head of Department: Ects EC Princ.

Statistics I 3 6 AD Financ.