Eka Eka / একা একা. – Humayun Ahmed (হুমায়ূন আহমেদ). Eka Eka By:Humayun Ahmed Book Type: Novels. বইটি কিনতে ফোন করুন (BOIMELA). Eka is a most popular (Famous) book of Western Series. Free download or read online ✅Eka bangla book from the category of Western Humayun Ahmed. 24 এপ্রিল 2. .. /Eka +Eka+By+Humayun+Ahmed+%5BNirjoy%

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Shreshtha Galpa by Srikumar Chakrabarty Bela Jay Mela Jay.

This haunting eak him so far away that once it is revealed that Shuvro is not born of his mother, rather his mother was a prostitute with whom his father would make love. Aahare Anahare Vivekananda by Sankar Fulkumari by Sihab Sorkar.

Soma of Dwoirath marries Kamal having no alternative before her. Kaltithi by Mahmudul Khan. Boltu Bhai By Humayun Ahmed [].

Eka Eka Ekashi by Sankar

It is a story from 11 pm to 5 am of a middle class family. Print Send to a friend. The seriousness of Joyjoyonti Under the Name of a Musical Mode, is also shuddered with the touch of humour and we must say that sometimes it proves unnecessary and unexpected.

Along with his other identities like a professor of Chemistry in Dhaka University later on he gave up this job for his huge involvement in literature, cinema and television drama he has shown multifarious achievement in writing novels only.

When Minu died and her husband came to Bazlur Rahman for help, Bazlur Rahman scolded the husband for his callous behaviour. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In Kobi The Poets, eja of the talks and thoughts of Atahar, the protagonist, is simply exaggeration of it.


The last novel that we have considered in this article is Shuvro. The bygone story is: Khuda Brittanto by Sayed Samshul Haque. Humayun has proved his skill in narrating this sort of stories: In the novel Misir Ali has explained the scene watched by Himu.

Poneroti Golpo by Sharbari Choudhury The other character who has received the same importance in the novel is Sajjad, another poet.

In Humayun Ahmed published his voluminous novel Kobi. By now Humayun has started his Missir Ali ajmed and Brihonnola is ahmec of them. So whenever her marriage reaches to a final settlement he writes anonymous letters with dirty talks about Meera and at last all the marriages break away.

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We may observe that whenever he has tried to come out of that trend, his popularity faces a peril. He bg many new things of his life and whatever he discovers goes beyond the sublimity of his life.

In this regard it may be mentioned that the thinner volumes of Humayun do not lose the integrity that Kobi has.

Humayun started his authorial life with Nondito Naroke In Blissful Hell in and during the last three decades he has produced no less than one hundred and fifty novels. At the end of the novel we feel the goodness of Mamun and thus possibly Humayun wants to show us the fact that every human is a combination of good and bad — no one can be cent percent good or bad.


Eka Eka By Humayun Ahmed

It is noteworthy to mention that the writer published both Brihonnola and Dwoirath, opposite in trend in the same year and it can really spring admiration in any critic to Humayun Ahmed. Every where there are ill talks about Soma and in such a situation she is compelled to marry Kamal, a vulgar and wicked person, at Tangail. The main feature of the novel is that even in this impossible story Humayun has exposed his ability to draw the attention of the readers to his life-like presentation.

Later on though she gets a proposal from the professor for marriage, she cannot accept it because she feels inwardly her ardent but secret love for Kamal and resultantly she returns to him. You are commenting using your WordPress. But we must agree in the point that Humayun can create novelty in his fiction even, coming out of all his cliche characters, setting, thoughts, traits and dialogues.