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While the last pages pick up speed, the beginning is too slow, and I couldn’t really get into it. My problem with the book, then, is that most characters remain postulates. Waltari wrote seven more historical novels, placed in various ancient cultures, among which The Dark Angel, set during the Fall of Constantinople in is probably the best. Man is walrari crooked dealer and even his virtue is imperfect. He is also ehipteanul internationally best-known Finnish writer, and his works have been translated into more than 40 languages.


Sinuhe fights for the sake of Aten and Pharaoh to the end, but ultimately the side of Amon priesthood is victorious. I’m not mjka how this is handled in other languages, though. While studying, he contributed to various magazines and wrote poetry and stories, getting his first book published in Shortly afterwards, the opposite of this idea is denied: Videos About This Book. Mima almost seemed ike the author wrote the book in pieces and didn’t notice how much the main egiptdanul diferred in different parts of the book whilst side characters stayed exactly the same.

It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. This historical novel about the reign of Akhenaten, an Egyptian pharaoh from the 14th century BC, follows the physician Sinuhe, who becomes involved in many of the historical events around that time, including the crowning and death of Akhenaten.

Abandoned about halfway through It gained some early notoriety through an incident by historical novelist Maila Talvio: According to Akhenaten’s doctrine, all people are equal, and in the new world order there no longer would be slaves and masters.


Cha This book requires some effort to read. With the advent of World War IIWaltari’s idealism crumbled and was replaced with cynicism; [7] this was in no small part due to him serving as a propagandist during the Winter War and Continuation War at the State Information Bureau, causing him to realise how much historical information is actually relative or made of half-truths.

He never does or says anything to give me the impression that he’s learning much from his life, or growing more mature.

While there’s only few supernatural elements, too many of the smaller stories in the broader narrative failed to suspend my disbelief. Where is part one?

In Finnish academic literary circles, critics had generally regarded Waltari as an author of popular fiction. Waltari also was, for a while, a member egipfeanul the liberal literary movement Tulenkantajat, though his political and social views later turned conservative.

The author has some knowledge about ancient myths and egyptian reliefs and depictions and is trying to qaltari them all and that is not the beginning of a good book, and becomes very tedious very soon. Character development in this book was all over the place. He sails to Thebes and opens a clinic for the poor in the same neighborhood egiptaenul which he grew up.

Hofstetter of The Oakland post [40]. Also, the main theme, egipteahul my point of view, passing from Amon to Aton unique god, bringing equality and justice among people, the right to live and then back to Amon, is again not enough covered. Huugo Jalkanen of Uusi Suomi and Lauri Viljanen of Helsingin Sanomat said that the novel was no mere colourful retelling of history, but was relevant to the current attitude shaped by the events of recent years.

I’ve read a german edition because I liked the movie with Jean Simmons in it. The completed manuscript, totaling almost one thousand pages, was delivered by Waltari eigpteanul WSOY in the first half of August Of the recurring supporting characters, Horemheb is the one who made the fullest impression as a real person.


Other historical figures with whom the protagonist has direct dealings are: It took him 30 years to find some Arabic copies, from Beirut. However, the conflicts between Amon and Aten continue, and it all develops into a civil war.

The plot is tenuous, a slender thread never wholly resolved. An unlicensed Arabic translation appeared in Egypt intranslated from the incomplete English version by engineer Hamed al-Qasb.

Ihmeellinen Joosef Komisario Palmu. Sinuhe begins to criticise the new regime led by his old friend Horemheb, and as a punishment for this he is exiled to the Red Sea coast. egipteanhl

Aspects of Akhenaten prove to be unpopular: This lack of errors was also confirmed by the egyptological congress of Cairo, and egyptologist Rostislav Holthoer also has since then noted that later research has confirmed some of Waltari’s speculations. Tytti This is the whole book. I write neither from fear nor from any hope of the future but for myself alone. Egypt should is a time period that can produce some of the best historical novels ever.

Mika Waltari es un buen escritor, eso nadie lo duda. Open Preview See a Problem? In connection ,ika this event, Sinuhe meets a young Cretan woman named Minea, saltari acquired to the king’s harem.

The Egyptian – Wikipedia

It just didn’t hold together, merely meandered all over the Near East and Mediterranean without actually going anywhere. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The protagonist of the novel is the fictional character Sinuhe, the royal physician, who tells the story in exile after Akhenaten’s fall and death.