Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more. About Egeria. Egeria, one of the earliest documented Christian pilgrims, visited the most important destinations of pilgrimage in the eastern Mediterranean.

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In the return from Mount Sinai to Clysma Suez she men- tions the ” animals ” she used: Thomas at Edessa is mentioned on p.

Egeria: Diary of a Pilgrimage

Lent at Jerusalem lasted eight weeks when Etheria was there, the forty days or more strictly forty-one days being made up by omitting all the eight Sundays and all the Saturdays except Easter Eve. She sees all the sites, always convincing the local clergy to take her to the out-of-the-way places “he graciously agreed to guide us to the well from which the holy woman Rebecca had drawn water”. Justinian built a church in her memory at Constantinople.

Three other matters remain to be considered which bear upon the date of the narrative besides being of general interest: Then, before the dismissal, notice is given of Easter, that is, the priest ascends to a higher place and reads the passage that is written in the Gospel: For this day is observed with great dignity there on account of the memorial of holy Abraham, whose house stood where the church now is, in which the body of the holy martyr is laid.

And after the people the bishop enters, and goes at once within the rails of the cave of the martyrium. This is her own account of herself! This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In quoting apparently Numb.

Except Marthana, the deaconess p. In the sixth century Jebel el Deir, a little further off, was identified with Pilgrjmage. But, though the results of their joint labours had been set up in print for some time and she had spent a good deal of time in further research and thought over them with a view diafy writing the Introduction, she had to lay the work aside while she was completing the fifth edition of Christian Worship and seeing it through the press.

Thus the dismissal takes place at the Anastasis, and one by one all draw near to the bishop’s hand. So it happened to us very pleasantly beyond our expectations that we should see these holy monks of Mesopotamia, truly men of God, as well as those whose good report and manner of life had reached men’s ears far and wide, whom I thought that I could not by any means see, not because it was impossible for God to give me this, Who had deigned to give me all things, but because I had heard that they never come down from their dwellings except on Easter Day and on this day.


Three psalms 2 and three prayers were said at each office, and Etheria was agreeably impressed with the to her unfamiliar practice egsria adapting Psalms, Prayers and Lessons 3 to the special teaching of the season or place. Pilgrijage the left side we saw all the lands of the Sodomites and Segor 1 which is the only one of the five cities that exists to-day.

Lewis of their visit to the very ancient Coptic Monastery of Deyr Antonius on the Red Sea, seems to suggest another solution. The principal of these are as follows: Again, this is not the edition I have.

Quelle Parole diventano la lente di lettura del palinsesto paesaggistico: There too we com- municated, and always giving thanks to God we returned to Jerusalem, journeying through each of the stations through which we had passed three years before. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This is certainly very wonderful, and not, I think, without the favour of God, that while the central height, which is specially called Sinai, on which the Glory of the Lord descended, is higher than all the rest, yet it cannot be seen until you reach its very foot, though before you go up z.

Full text of “The pilgrimage of Etheria”

Etheria expressly says she went to Edessa to pray at the martyrium of S. This then is the custom observed every day through- out the whole year except on solemn days, to the keeping of which we will refer pilgeimage on. This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more literal translation of the Latin text than earlier English renderings, with the aim of revealing more of the female traveler’s personality.

She never confuses p with p elsewhere. No relaxation was pilgriage on account of a martyr’s festival falling on a ” Station ” day in Lent at Jeru- salem: This is invaluable because the development of liturgical worship e. Pilgri,age Christian Writers The earlier legend made out that S. Juvenal, bishop of Jerusalem fis said to have accepted it, but Cosmas Indicopleustes, a native of Egypt, in the first half of the sixth century, distinctly witnesses against its observance in Jerusalem then.

I wished, however, at God’s bidding, to go to Mesopotamia in Syria, to visit the holy monks who were there in great number, and who were said to be of such holy life as could hardly be described, and also for the sake of prayer at the memorial of S. Nicettus, Bishop of Lyons, and that glass or pottery was probably the material is shown by the following: The Bordeaux pilgrim calls it ‘the little hill.


It happened very pleasantly for us that we arrived on the day before the martyr’s feast pilgrjmage saint Helpidius, which is on the twenty-third of April. I asked the holy men what this was, and they answered: But after that these fountains had burst forth here, then Abgar built this palace for his son Magnus, whose statue I saw near that of his father, so that egetia fountains should be included in the palace.

The Pilgrimage of Egeria

George Herbert, who had the advantage of many criticisms and suggestions from so eminent a scholar as the late Canon Chas. Etheria’s route lay for two days right through the land of Goshen along the egerria of the Nile, and she was greatly struck with the fertility and beauty of this district p. Here we should no doubt read in flortam LXX, ini nv.

They showed dixry also the place which is called a Burning, because part of the camp was consumed what time holy Moses prayed, and the fire ceased.

Paul, is referred to by Tertullian, de Bapt. So now that, together with the holy men who dwelt there, we x seen all the holy places we desired, as well as all the places which the children of Israel had touched in going to and from the mount of God, we returned to Faran in the name of God.

Egsria are five stations from here to Nisibis, and five stations thence to Hur, 3 which pilgrimaye a city of the Chaldees, but there is now no access for Romans, for the Persians hold the whole country. For they are men who do egerja wonders, and, moreover, I did not know in what month was the day of the martyr’s feast which I have mentioned ; but at God’s bidding it came about that I arrived on the day that I had not hoped for.

For I received from the Lord: This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat They included the following: That church, which was built by some tribune, has been unfinished to this day.

The city of Rameses is now open country, without a single habitation, but 1 Exod. And although I ought always to give thanks to God in all things, not to speak of these so great favours which He has deigned to confer on me, unworthy as I am, that I should journey through all these places, although I deserved it not, yet I cannot sufficiently thank even all those holy men who deigned with willing mind to receive my littleness in their cells and to guide me surely through all the places which I was always seeking, according to the holy Scriptures.