Efka® is an additive for pigment dispersion. It reduces the interfacial tension between pigments or extenders on one side and the vehicle on the other side. EFKA™ Request for priceRequest for sampleRequest for consultation Request for preinvoice. Unsaturated polyamide and acid ester salts. Acts as a. Efka® FA , Texaphor® Special, View. Efka® FA Efka® FA , Efka® , View. Efka® FA , View. Efka® FA , Efka® N, View. Efka® FA.

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F 30 P Perenol? Product name substrate wetting agents Hydropalat? PU Rheovis PU ? Ultra PA Dispex?

MD 21 Texaphor P 63? P oleochemical compound aqueous dispersion of oleochemical compounds? FA EM Efka? This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. However, UL assumes no responsibility or 544 for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer. Ultra PX Efka?

3 Star Chemicals

F 30 P Efka? AA Dispex AA ? We’re sorry, but the industry you have selected is not currently available in your chosen language. PB Efka PB ?


P Dehydran P ? WE Hydropalat WE ? A 40 Pigment disperser NL Dispex? SL Efka SL efia

D 81 epoxidized soy bean oil Dehysol? HDN sodium polyacrylate co- polymer Dispex? FBH dicarbonic acid-diisobutyl ester? SI Efka SI ? N sodium polyacrylate co- polymer? BS 20 N Dehysol? PX Efka PX ? CX Pigment disperser A Dispex? 504 Dispex CX ? CA open time prolongers Loxanol?

FA Efka FA ? PL 58, 60 58, 60 58, 60 58, 60 58, 60 58, 60 Dispex? Special U 12, 20 12, 20 Dispex? G 40 Dispex GA 40? FL Efka FL ? BASF agro product list. PU H Hydropalat? FL fluor-modified polyacrylate; solvent-based industrial and wood coatings; higher levelling and anti-crater efficiency than Efka?

FA 6, 14 6, 14 6, 14 Efka? Recommended for water-based systems solvent-based systems? Features and benefits provides excellent sag resistance for non-aqueous formulations; higher temperature stability provides excellent sag resistance for etka formulations; standard thixotropy non-associative pure acrylic thickener; alkali-swellable emulsion ASE ; low-shear thickener; highly shear thinning; anti-sagging; high yield point; lower water uptake non-associative pure acrylic thickener; highly efficient low-shear thickener; high shear thinning, anti-sagging and anti-settling; used in pigment and filler slurries but also highly succesful in industrial and automotive formulations for spray applications non-associative pure acrylic thickener; mid-shear thickener, provide a Newtonian rheology profile, allows good leveling non-associative pure acrylic thickener; most Newtonian product in the Viscalex?


S 44 V Viscalex? SL Old product name Efka? DS Collacral PU 70? You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close 0544 dialog above. The information presented here was acquired by UL from the producer of the product or material or original information provider.

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P 40, 46 42, 48 26, 32 26, 30 26, 30 26, 30 28, 32 28, 32 28, 32 28, 32 Perenol? It reduces the interfacial tension between pigments 5404 extenders and the vehicle. D 82 Dehysol DBS? PU Efka PU ? This means reduced dispersion time, stabilization of the pigment dispersion, decreased pigment sedimentation, and increased gloss and improved flow.