This is the IC thread for my Eberron PbP. The OOC thread can be found here. The RG thread can be found here. The current roster of players is. Intro adventure for Eberron by arthur_taylor_2 in Types > Instruction manuals. On a dark and stormy night, the characters discover a dead body in Sharn’s wealthiest district just as the Sharn Watch arrives! To clear their.

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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best eberton from this site. To clear their names, the characters must hunt the real killer through the mean streets of the City of Towers.

Vacations, work, or other IRL planned events. The following are the rules for posting and playing in this game. Please read these rules carefully and follow them as you best can.

[Eberron] The Forgotten Forge

Always feel free to ask questions or for clarification on rules. What is the current day? It is forgootten Monday, Rhaan 2nd, YK. Boldrei’s Feast on 9 Rhaan. How does the calendar work and what are the equivalents?

We are going to use mundane words like Monday, Tuesday, etc to describe the days of the week unless you guys would like to convert to Eberron’s named days.

I will go either way.

There are 4 weeks of 7 days each in a month, for a total of 28 days. Information about NPCs, lore, and other such things will be found here.

Cinrad, his twin brother. Jana, his little sister. Curtains of water fall from the sky as you traverse the labyrinthine walkways of Sharn. The stone and wooden paths wind around and between the towers and spires high above the ground, forming a complex latticework that can be very confusing on evenings such as this.

The rain falls hard, running off higher walkways and balconies in drenching waves, making it difficult to see much more than a few feet ahead of you. The distant glow of everbright lanterns, barely visible in the soaking gloom, does little to light the paths on this warm, wet evening. Who are they, why are they here, and what do they look like? Spend some time on the discord establishing your relationships with one another.

Are you old war buddies, rivals inside a dragonmarked house, or some other sort of bond? Archy trudges through the sheets of falling water. His wide brimmed black hat droops under the weight of it. He ducks into an alleyway and fruitlessly shakes some of the rain from his heavy dark green duster coat.


He might be able to keep out of trouble, if he could keep from standing out, but his long wiry limbs, red hair, and mischievous grin seem to draw the eye. Not to mention people the world over are distrusting of Halflings.

  ASTM F1980 07 PDF

He’d froge able to find a place to stay and get out of the rain. He’d find an aunt or a cousin around just about any corner.

If not he’d give a pretty a girl a wink and a smile, and she’d give him a warm bed for the night. He wasn’t really in the mood for that just now.

The trouble his smile had gotten him in is what got him running back down here in the first place after all. Wilhelmina ducks and weaves under awnings, barrels, doorways, and windowsills. She nimbly hops over puddles, and manages to stay fairly dry despite the downpour. She smiles, knowing that she will be welcome there.

She opens the doors, soaking the smell and sounds of the tavern. She is immediately greeted by the innkeeper, who recognizes her Mark. You have bread and hearth here! Heads turn as the kithkin girl follows in his wake. Her hair is the color of summer barley, and her smile lights up the hearts of the patrons.

forgtoten A pair of dimples give her a coquettish look. She is truly beautiful, and even in a city as large as Sharn, not many have seen loveliness such as hers. Wilhelmina hops up on her stool, and smiles back at the innkeeper. Yrwin loves his job. The smell of roasted boar permeating the air, fortotten clinks and clunks of tankards and dishes bumping to each other as they’re being washed, the fireplace heat warming him and the meat to their very core, the sight of perfectly lined up meals on their way out and definitely the fact that he had the right to taste on every meal he made.

A little on the heavier side for a kithkin, but not enough to make him sluggish. He wipes his hands on the back of the apron and pulls a set of chubby fingers through the bright orange hair on his head. It’s nearing the end of his shift and Yrwin couldn’t be any happier, it’s been a long day, although a productive ebeerron.

Darnic pulls his traveling cloak tighter as the rain picks up. Walking around Sharn is like forgottej to navigate a labyrinth these days. He forgottten near a window, checking street names and catching a glimpse at his reflection in the window. He is, suffice to say, a walking mess. Oh it hurts to laugh But if forgw gonna come back from the dead You don’t look as bad as the rumors say though.

He thought he was forgottem toward that inn Yrwin hangs his apron on the hook by the kitchen entrance and walks out into the main bar. As he enters the small space behind the counter he notices a familiar face sitting by one of the tables. He let’s out a hearty laugh and climbs up on the counter, shouting at the female form by the table. What are you doin’ here? You can’t sit here and PAY for drinks when they’re free at my place!


Theres nothing like a nightcap and some snacks to get the conversation going, I haven’t seen you in aaaaages. He hurries back to her and stops right in front of her, crossing his arms with an expectant look, and a raised brow decorating his face. Yrwin drags Wilhelmina out of the inn and they walk and gab for a while as they turn this way and that. It isn’t long before they stumble across Darnic and Archy. They seem a bit lost! Darnic is quietly listening to forgottsn sounds of the city as he walks with Archy, taking in the sights.

Archy turns the next corner, as his confidence starts to wane, but he stumbles on a pair of familiar faces. Fancy meeting you here. You’re not off work already are you, cuz? Hey, you’re not still upset about that incident with the badger are you? Wilhemina runs egerron to Yrwin and gives him a big hug. I’m so happy to see you! Are your nephews walking yet? Last I saw them they were fighting over wooden spoons and crawling as fast as mice can run!

When they run into Archy she smiles at him. I could never be upset with you even if I wanted to. Willie shakes hands, pausing only a brief moment to note that Darnic gave his left and not his right hand. How is it that you know Archy? Has he roped you into a badger catching bet too? Clicking the X will take you to that post. Last edited by LaRue: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack.

Some medical issues keep me from posting randomly. Rules The following are the rules for posting and playing in this game. Posting When not in battle, post to your heart’s content.

All posts should be in the third person. I do not care about your tense as long as I can read it! Use “Quotations” when you speak. Pick a color and use that color for your speech. This makes posts easier to read and see who is talking. Bolding your speech is recommended, but not enforced.

Please choose a color that is easy to read. You may be asked to change the color of your speech. No chatroom speak or excessive use of shorthand. Most rolls will occur in the thread. Some rolls can occur in Discord for example, you are unable to post a roll via mobile.