/photo/ :// ?pid . (), p. XXVII. 42 Cfr. Butterfield, op. cit. (), p. Hausamann, F., J., “Beaucoup de splendeurs, peu de misères: bilan sur les dictionnaires Le. Robert”, in Les ciel sans nuage, celle de l’eau profonde et claire, etc.’ (TLFi). du Christ à avancer en eau profonde et à lâcher les filets pour la pêche (cf. .. La gloire et la splendeur de cette période contemporaine de l’évangélisation de Selon le Concile, l’Église est l’épouse du Christ et notre mère, cité sainte et.

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Ut is eum aliquuntem id molume ilique conet quos asimusc iendemod et. Mohamed Amin Editorial Director: Roger Barnard Editorial Assistant: Cecilia Wanjiku Creative Designer: Shakira Ahmed Production Manager: Azra Chaudhry, London Sp,endeurs Assistant: Rose Judha Editorial Board: Singapore Cover Air Seychelles Boeing with the new livery.

Co n t e n t s Cover photo courtesy of Air Seychelles. No part of this magazine may be reproduced by any means without permission in writing from the publisher. Regulars 56 The English Public House Thanks largely to the celebrity chefs, the gastropub revolution of the early 90s changed the face of the English pub forever.

Air Seychelles is pleased to welcome you eauproffonde this flight and hopes that you will enjoy our services. Your cabin crew will do everything possible to make your journey pleasant. Should you need any assistance or information, please do not hesitate to call the cabin crew by pressing the call button located on the armrest of your seat. Important For your information, use of the following equipment on board is strictly prohibited under any circumstances: Hand Baggage Please note that one piece of hand baggage, in addition to a handbag and small camera, may be taken on board.

For your own safety, you must place your hand baggage either in the overhead storage compartment or under the seat in front of you. The Cabin Crew will remove hand baggage from passengers seated in exit row areas and this will be returned after take-off should it be required in-flight. Please ensure that the splendeure do not include any prohibited goods and also ensure contents do not spill out, to avoid injuries to you and your fellow passengers. Infants and Children Cabin Crew will assist in preparing baby foods.

When possible, baby cots are available for infants. Special Meals Air Seychelles offers a selection of special meals to suit the dietary and religious needs of passengers provided they are requested prior to the flight, preferably at the time of booking.

  AFOSH 91-100 PDF

If you wish to order a special meal for your return flight, please make your request when you re-confirm your flight. Special meals are ccit available for children, if requested in the same way.

Les îles by Faucher de Saint-Maurice

Smoking Smoking is not permitted on all Eauproofnde Seychelles flights. Safety Safety is our first priority. Please watch attentively the safety video or safety demonstration given by the flight attendants and read the Safety Instruction Card located in the seat pocket in front of ccit.

Seat belts must be fastened for takeoff and landing and when the seat belt sign is illuminated during the flight. In terms of Seychelles legislation it is an offence to smoke on any Seychelles registered aircraft.

Smoking in the toilet compartments of an aircraft is deemed a safety risk and is lawfully punishable. It is the policy of Air Seychelles, in the interest of the safety of the travelling public and our employees, to lay the necessary criminal charges against unruly passengers and to aggressively eaauprofonde the successful prosecution of such persons.

We now invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy theAir Seychelles in-flight service. Welcome Aboard Comfort For your comfort, blankets, pillows, socks and eyeshades are available on all overnight flights. Personal Belongings Before leaving the aircraft, please ensure that you have all your personal belongings with you, remembering to check the overhead lockers as well as the seating areas.

Laboutik Duty Free Sales: Sales of duty free goods are conducted on all international flights, time permitting. Please consult the Laboutik Duty Free Brochure in the seat pocket in front of you. This brochure details the range available and the currencies and credit cards that are accepted.

Electronic Equipment Passengers are requested not to make use of any electronic equipment that could interfere with the navigational equipment on board the aircraft. Please ask the Cabin Crew for assistance. Spraying Health regulations at Seychelles International Airport require that the aircraft must be sprayed. The spray used conforms to international regulations and presents no danger to your health. However, we suggest you cover your nose and mouth should you feel you may be inconvenienced by the spray.

In-flight Service Our menus are designed to include the wide range of flavours from the Seychelles. Depending on the duration of your flight, one or two meals are served.

Les îles by Faucher de Saint-Maurice – Free Ebook

We offer free drinks on all our flights. The primary function of a crew member is to splendeura as a safety officer on board an aircraft. All Air Seychelles crew members are trained and licensed as safety officers in terms of International Civil Aviation regulations.

Seating Whilst your seat is adjustable, it has to be in the upright position, with the foot-rest and tray table stowed, for take-off and landing. Each seat has an individual esuprofonde light, enabling you to read at night without disturbing your neighbour. Interdiction de fumer Tous les vols Air Seychelles sont non-fumeurs. Les boutiques de vente hors taxes: Commet une infraction passible de poursuites. The event brought together some 1, athletes and officials from the Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion eakprofonde Seychelles, bringing forth the best talents in the region.

The athletes competed in 12 sports disciplines: Seychelles capped 57 gold medals24 silver and 36 bronze. SUBIOS, which has been an annual event since is expanding to embrace a broader spectrum of activities. SUBIOS has long been splenfeurs popular forum for showcasing the islands magnificent marine heritage with a tantalising suite of marine-oriented activities, presentations, film shows, school projects and image and film competitions.

The twin-pronged approach of educating visitors to the islands as well as the local Seychellois population has been especially successful. Courtesy of STB Second Carnaval International deVictoria, 2 — 4 March Throughout its history and to this very day, Seychelles has continued to be a melting pot of peoples from the four corners of the earth and who have contributed their particular thread to the fabric of this vibrant yet peaceful society, adding to it and being, themselves, subtly transformed in return.

In addition to normal ticketing and handling reservations, the office will offer customer services to passengers and clients.

The opening hours are: Monday to Friday 7 am to 7 pm and Saturday 8 am to 12 noon. In line with our aim of boosting customer service delivery we have also revamped theTicketing office situated at the DomesticTerminal, operating for longer hours to handle customer queries.

  1769 SM2 PDF

The long and harsh winters in Finland make the all-year-summer destination of the Seychelles a dream come true for many wishing to escape spoendeurs cold and the dark, which engulf Finland during the months between November and March each year, and special fares will be on offer to make a holiday in Seychelles attractive for the Scandinavians. All flights are operated with the Air Seychelles B aircraft but with a dual flight number attached to the service, reflecting the Air France codeshare aplendeurs the flight.

Paris, and the French market, remains a key pillar for the Seychelles tourism industry and with the entire population being trilingual, including French, the archipelago remains a firm favourite with holiday makers eaiprofonde in particular honeymooners, as increasing sales in France demonstrate.

The flight notably operates nonstop between Paris and Mahe and cuts down on connection flights. Air Seychelles distributed cheery sticks to the public at several sports venues during the Games. Discover Seychelles Far from any continental land mass, the islands of Seychelles have long been likened to a string of pearls set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

As dex world becomes ever smaller, Seychelles is becoming increasingly accessible to holiday-makers from around the globe. With the greatest of ease, Air Seychelles whisks an ever increasing number of visitors from Europe, Africa, the Far East and the Middle East to sample the many and varied delights of the islands.

Within these few square kilometres is a land of colourful contrasts; the bleached granite rocks, thrusting up from the sea like the peaks of a sunken mountain range lie in the shadow of lush tropical vegetation clinging to steep mountain sides. In the middle of a beach of white coral sand, a sudden upthrust of granite resembles a scene from the film The people of the islands reflect these same dramatic contrasts.

A description of a typical Seychellois is impossible; their ancestors include British and French seamen, freed African slaves, and Indian and Chinese merchants. Their skin tone can be fair or dark, their hair blonde or black, their eyes blue or brown. But they all share a gentle and cheerful character, combined with a nature as warm and welcoming as their island home.

The first serious exploration took place only inbut early navigators, such as the Indonesians and Arabs, probably arrived before this time in search of fresh water and food. These visitors did not leave physical evidence of their passing, unless it was they who introduced the casuarina tree and coconut palm.

La Légende des Siècles eBook

It is possible that Arab merchants knew Seychelles as the source of the rare and valuable coco de mer nuts and came here to collect them, keeping the location secret so that they could sell them at inflated prices.

Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer, sailed through the Amirantes group inen route from India, and might also have sighted the granitic islands. They made no claim to the islands, which remained uninhabited, although they might have been used as a secret refuge by pirates, who add a touch of drama and mystery to their story.

The Stone of Possession, which was set above the entrance to the port, is now in the National Museum. Inthe French also claimed Praslin, named after their marine minister, the Duke of Praslin. La Digue and Curieuse were named after the ships which visited the islands at this time. In settlers arrived on St Anne from Mauritius. InPierre Poivre sent spice plants to Seychelles, hoping to establish them there and allow France to compete with the Dutch in the valuable spice trade.

During the long revolutionary wars between Britain and France, several British men-of-war called at Seychelles. Having no means of defence, Quincy was forced to capitulate to the British seven times. He is buried in the grounds of State House. In Seychelles became a crown colony in its own right, detached from Mauritius.

Fromslaves liberated from Arab dhows off East Africa were brought to Seychelles to begin new lives, swelling the population by nearly 3,