A. B. C. D. D. C. B. A. Schematic 1/4. EasyPIC5 v e. 1 d. 2 c. 4 dp. 5 b. 6 a. 7 f. 9 cc. 8 g. DIS3. 7-SEG DISP e. 1 d. 2 c. 4 dp. 5 b. 6 a. 7 f. 9 cc. 8 g. DIS2. I have a EasyPIC5 by MikroElecktronika and it works with a dip style not using an in-circuit programmer and am using a 3volt supply in circuit. I’ve easyPIC5 schematic, but in page 4 not clear about onboard USB programmer (no pin number in PIC18F). So, anybody can help me more detail.

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ICSP adapter for EasyPIC5 (27/10/11)

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Has anyone got an Easypic 5 board that is broken for sale?

ICSP adapter for EasyPIC5

Or info on how to repair it? Hi to all, I have recently had a bit of an accident involving my old but trusty Easypic 5 dev board and though it is not physically broken it is no longer seen on USB.

As far as I can discern the main Pic that is the onboard programmer is dead. If anyone has an old broken one or even a good one for sale, or has any idea how I can repair mine I would be very grateful.


I would try to remove the 28 pin pic and ask MikroE if they can send you a new one! Can’t be much more than a tener!! The code will be protected so copying the chip wouldn’t work! Hi Ian, I already tried that.

I asked easypiic5 I could buy the pre-programmed Pic or if I could send the board for repair. They just are not interested at all, well they are in selling me an EP7, but that is the only thing they can will?

Has anyone got an Easypic 5 board that is broken for sale? Or info on how to repair it?

So if anyone has a broken one, so long as the PIC has survived I don’t mind if the board has been run over! Hi Sarma, I did exactly that and they said they no longer have either the hardware or software available. No thanks ME, if you cant help with old parts how bad will you be with new ones. I shall try at easypuc5 Indian distributor whether he could give the chip with program loaded.

If most of your board works, why not just buy a PICkit2 or clone and program the chip, place it into schemztic board and off you go. The pic18 ICD is surface mount but it will have the same software in I think a firmware update will fix your problem There is firmware updates in the mikroProg suite.

Open MikroProg and look for the device If it isn’t there re-install the driver If this doesn’t work then the pic18 IS faulty I would be tempted to load a pic18 with a bootloader and try an put new firmware on it!!


MikroElektronika EasyPIC5 Development System | Elektor Magazine

Hi Sarma, it is indeed a and I can get one of those, its the program thats the problem. Yes I could use the Pickit 3 on the board but I have grown so used to the EP5 now that I really miss its many sockets and jumpers that scchematic knows the purpose of. Hi Eric, good to hear from you mate. I can certainly take pics of the board.

Any specific size, place etc? By the way if you are looking for the schematics side of things I easyypic5 complete ones for the EP5.

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