Purchase / E88CC vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data Genalex – Gold Lion E88CC / . Tungsram E88CC / Very good prints and good readings of Tungsram E88CC Red Label. Red labels are industrial grades. Tungsram seldom gets the spotlights for their tubes, but. E88CC Tungsram, E88CC Tungsr, Triode, NOS tubes, by Tungsram, E88CC 6DJ8, Tungsram RED LABEL O-getter, very good tubes, made in Hungary.

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One of the finest sounding preamplifier tubes ever made. I am assuming it is the earlier ones from the 60s, since I haven’t seen any Siemens E88CC tubes from the 70s that seem to have similar looking internals to the Tungsram. Get while supplies last! Originally Posted by oceanobsession.

But it makes sense – I went through a pair of Russkie 6n23p’s very quickly last year. A quick glance into the satanic orb that is the Google search engine has immediately thrown up a link which has triggered the familiar doubt that is common to all planetary victims of the current branding babel. Could anybody respond to that one for me?

This gives it f88cc life and more transient current capability. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Same tooling as EI-Yugoslavian tube but superior workmanship. We have yet to find any difference between these Yellow Label tubes from other Tungsram E88CC tubes with red label from era. Originally Posted by julesd Aug 5, at 1: Prolly because of material and other manufacturing differences.


TECHNICAL BULLETIN #5 | Audible Illusions

Post Order or Asylum Reverse Threaded. Best from Tucson Bob “He R. The way I see it, the Tungsram is what you would use to demo tube equipment to someone who had a pre-concieved notion that tube gear sounded Shopping Cart 0 items No products in the cart.

Just to add a little input of my own, a distinctly less criminally-priced alternative may be this one as described by the Watford valves website: Excellent sonics with sweet top end. Aug 4, at tunsram Share This Page Tweet. Tube has glassy sound and unacceptable microphonics.

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Can someone suggests me some tubes. Telefunken E88CC – euro21 Post of Excellent reliability but most tubes microphonic. These amazing tubes are known for their amazing midrange and detailed inner respolution w88cc have some of the highest strength and test results we have seen in any ECC tube. Type Tungsram E88CC in the search box at the pic lib link for some examples.

Far exceeding thquality of any 12at7 tunysram being made today. I’m self-evidently not really up to speed on the current valve heirarchy regarding manufacturers and type equivalents.


Tungsrxm Amperex branded was made in in eastern europe and is an excellent value in the 12AT7 tube category. Aug 3, at 1: You must be logged in to post a comment. Tubes on my short list of things I want to try based on what i’ve read. Sunny Tucson AZ Joined: Tubes Asylum Questions about tubes and gear that glows.


This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Manufactured for Amperex in the s and early s. Aug 3, at 3: By continuing to use e888cc site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Tungsram E88CC red label

Your impression is based on a smaller test sample. Nothing special or different here except for the color of the label. The few tunbsram labeled ones I’ve had sound entirely different than the yellow label ones I have. Tungsram, Siemens, Philips Miniwatt. Installed in early A.

Tungsram 6922 / E88CC

Features include very low distortion, medium transconductance, higher plate-voltage and dissipation rating than 6DJ8 types, and larger cathode than 6DJ8 types. Sweet sounding tube but most have excessive microphonics. We were ale to secure pcs of these, so we can provide exteemely tight matching and screen all tubes on our VTV Tube Characterizer for noise and microphonics!