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Dystonia is often initiated or worsened by voluntary action and associated with overflow muscle activation. Phenomenology and classification of dystonia: None of them has been FDA approved for treatment of dystonia. The lack of information should not be viewed as an absolute contraindication for surgery, but patients must be clearly informed about the chances for failure.

Second, the reported benefits often have been quite small, transient, or subjective. Finally, many of the methods are cumbersome and time consuming, limiting enthusiasm for clinical application. Prospective open-label clinical trial of trihexyphenidyl in children with secondary dystonia due to cerebral palsy.

Selective peripheral denervation for spasmodic torticollis: Abrupt discontinuation or sudden large decreases in doses can be associated with withdrawal reactions that include delirium and filetyp. Cervical dystonia and pain: In one study of 47 cases with DYT1 dystonia followed by a very experienced multidisciplinary neuromodulation center for more than 10 years, 8. Trihexyphenidyl must be started at a low dose, for example 2 mg twice daily.

The benefits from injections usually emerge after 2—7 days, and they last for approximately 3—4 months. There are no deleterious long-term side effects even after decades of treatment, apart from a small risk of developing resistance due to antibodies that neutralize the BoNT protein.


Support Center Support Center. Sensory functions in dystonia: However, there are few scientifically rigorous comparisons, and the similarities are more striking than the differences Table 6. There are no formal studies to guide recommendations for the use of these drugs in dystonia, and responses vary widely. The most common approach involves sectioning the recurrent laryngeal nerve to the thyro-arytenoid and annealing the stump to the ansa cervicalis.

J Neural Transm Suppl.

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Slow-down exercise for the treatment of focal hand dystonia in pianists. Waln O, Ledoux MS. Singer C, Papapetropoulos S. Instead, laboratory testing is driven by the syndromic pattern. These complications include pump malfunction, catheter obstruction or leaks, or infection of the equipment. A recent filetpe work group provided the following formal definition for the dystonias: Intrathecal baclofen for dystonia: They are covered briefly here for physicians encountering patients who may ask about them.

Clinical, etiological, and therapeutic features of jaw-opening dysstonie jaw-closing oromandibular dystonias: Active exercise for individuals with cervical dystonia: Despite the enthusiasm fipetype physical therapy in dystonia, systematic reviews have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to recommend any particular strategy.

However, depletion of dopamine with tetrabenazine does not carry these same risks, and it may be useful for some patients with dystonia, particularly those with tardive dystonia.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Dystonia

Once a diagnosis of dystonia is suspected based on clinical phenomenology, the first step is to rule out disorders that may mimic dystonia pseudodystoniasuch as those due to orthopedic, neuromuscular or psychogenic processes.

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The treatment of patients with dystonia has improved dramatically over recent years. Spasmodic dysphonia and botulinum toxin: Various assistive devices also are available to allow more significantly disabled patients to function more independently.


The most common intervention involves neuromodulation of brain activity via an implanted electrical impulse generator, although focal ablation of select brain areas and peripheral approaches that target nerves or muscles can be applied in some circumstances. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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Patients frequently are misdiagnosed for many years, and many are told they suffering from a psychiatric problem. The spectrum of disorders presenting as adult-onset focal lower extremity dystonia. Double-blind and placebo-controlled studies are rare also in part because of the difficulty in designing an appropriate control group to rule out non-specific placebo effects.

Assessment of the patient with dystonia: Despite the limited and sometimes conflicting information, anticholinergics remain in broad use because they seem to be at least partly effective for many types of dystonia, regardless of the underlying etiology. Instead, the focus is on practical issues faced by physicians who may refer patients for BoNT treatments, and on some of the most common questions regarding their application.

First, most of the studies have been quite small with outcomes that often were not reproducible, and the larger studies frequently demonstrated wide response variations among patients. In more severe cases dystonic movements appear as persistent odd filtype or fixed deformities.

This is a broad category of medications with diverse mechanisms of action that include baclofen and benzodiazepines described above, along with carisoprodol, chlorzoxazone, cyclobenzeprine, metaxalone, methocarbamol, and orphenadrine.