Dual XDVD Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dual XDVD Installation & Owner’s Manual. Get Dual XDVD DVD Multimedia Receiver OWNER’S MANUAL. Get all Dual manuals!. Dual XDVD User Manual • Screen setup – touch screen calibration • Dual DVD-players.

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Touch Each touch changes speed from 2x to 4x to 8x to 20x then to 1x play. The head unit will automatically answer incoming calls. Check connections at parking brake Apply parking brake as described on page Dvd multimedia receiver with internal gps navigation and 6. Focus error or disc is in upside down. Step 1Step 2L11 Touch top left corner of screen.

When playing a disc recorded with regular audio files CD-DA or. Each subsequent press of the button will change the speed from normal to 2xto 4x to 8x to 20x and back to 1x.

A DVD disc must be insertedto access these functions andfeatures.

Screen setup – touch screen calibration | Dual XDVD User Manual | Page 29 / 76

Follow these steps as described. Received CallsPress Received Call dua, retrieve the list of received calls from the mobile device. Tell us what’s missing. Press once to MUTE audio, press again to return audio.


This player has been designed to play back DVD software that hasbeen encoded for specific region areas. After a system reset, the unit restores all factory default daul. Press to display the next page. Step 3 3 Touch USA. Touch to fast forward or to fast reverse. Press the BAND button.

See page 69 for more details. This is also referred to as “pairing” a device. It is illegal in most states for the driver to view video while the vehicle is in motion. Press once to nanual the unit on, press again to turn unit off. Each touch changes speed from 2x to 4x to 8x to 20x then back to 1x play. Refer to the owner’s manual of your mobile devicefor more details.

Dvd Operation Some DVD discs can be played only in certain playback modes according to the intentions of the software. Use the front panel buttons or the remote control only.

Displays current disc title when available. Thehead unit will display “Wait Pairing.

Troubleshooting, Xdvd operation, General | Dual XDVD User Manual | Page 73 / 76

This is a safety feature toprevent driver distraction. The Search Window allows a searchfor a specific time, title or chapter. Press to display the previous page. IR remote does not work.


Troubleshooting, Xdvd8183 operation, General – Dual XDVD8183 User Manual

Press to end a call in progress or to reject an incoming call. Press to select size of center speaker. From the remote control or the front panel: Page 69 The head unit will automatically answer incoming calls. Unit will not turn on. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

For example, select the Artist group and the displaywill change to a list of available artists. Warranty This warranty gives you specific legal rights.

Consult a qualified technician for instructions. Use the numeric keypad to enter the desired song number. This icon will remain mabual until touched to disable.

Displays current track number and total number of tracks on the disc. From the remote control: Page 76 Dual Electronics Corp. Page 76 Dual Electronics Corp.

Touch the desired nameto call. NTherefore this function may mamual disabled or limited. Touch screen here to enter the Audio Setup Menu. Please make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your mobile device beforeyou begin the pairing process.