Dual XDVD Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dual XDVD Installation & Owner’s Manual. Get Dual XDVD DVD Multimedia Receiver OWNER’S MANUAL. Get all Dual manuals!. Dual XDVD User Manual • Screen setup – touch screen calibration • Dual DVD-players.

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Unit will not turn on. Yellow wire not connected or incorrect voltage Red wire not connected or incorrect voltage. Black wire not connected.

Dual Portable DVD Player XDVD User Guide |

Check connection to ground. Speaker wires not connected. Check connections at speakers.

One or more speaker wires touching each other or touching chassis ground. Insulate all bare speaker wires from each other and chassis ground.

Yellow or red wire touching chassis ground. Check for pinched wire. Speaker wires touching chassis ground.


Dual XDVD : DVD Multimedia Receiver OWNER’S MANUAL

Use fuse with correct rating. Parking brake safety circuit not connected Parking brake not applied. Check connections at parking brake Apply parking brake as described on udal Reverse circuit not connected Vehicle is not in reverse. Check connections at reverse lamp Select reverse gear. DVD does not start playback Physical defect in media.

Check media for scratches Use discs labeled “Region 1” or “All” only. IR remote does not work.

Dual XDVD8183 Manuals

Unit is not mounted correctly. Physical defect in media. Check media for scratches. Focus error or disc is in upside down.

Front panel will not. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.