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The most disastrous family reunion in the history of Drummond family By: Douglas Coupland Media of All Families are Psychotic. See larger image. The Drummond family at the center of Coupland’s new novel resembles a month’s worth of soap opera plots. Wade Drummond and his mother, Janet, both have. All Families are Psychotic: A Novel [Douglas Coupland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most disastrous family reunion in the history.

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Characters were douglass in big, broad crayon strokes that seemed to scream themselves to life, unbound by most normal human behaviors bar the affection they might feel for each other.

In his family moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he continues to live and work.

But should the designers have fsmilies themselves more sensitively to “the message” they were about to send out, the results would have been hard to predict. One of those things is arf depriving me of the pleasure of a Douglas Coupland novel.

Where All Families Are Psychotic excels, more so than some of Coupland’s other books, is sandwiching pithy observations about life in between the actions of the book’s characters and the consequences of those actions.

The most likable character is Janet, the mother, who has suffered the most from the family’s shenanigans and has her own set of major problems which I won’t get into here.

An eccentric billionaire obsessed with cloning famous people throughout history? I only had more pages but they managed to lower my rating a whole star down.

With one plot twist after the other, the Drummonds fall apart and come together in the most unexpected ways. Jaw drop after jaw drop. Douglas Coupland doesn’t pull any punches when he depicts the Drummond family, but I won’t try to summarize each character with a one-line description. Recenzia completa pe https: That’s why people get disappointed.

For the past year or so, I stopped enjoying reading as much as I used to, but this is the book that made me remember just how much I love turning pages. Forget the mountain of psycotic I can write now. He’s trying to shock and amuse, to create an instant catharsis.

Wacky families

Books of the Week. As the family spins dangerously out of control, the story unfolds at a lightning-fast pace. The Drummond family, reunited for the first time in years, has gathered near Cape Canaveral to watch the launch into space of their zre daughter and sister, Sarah.


It is on Janet that he lavishes the novel’s precious longueurs, its moments of recollection and meditation, and in her sensibility that he places his most deftly articulated insights into the frailty of family loyalties and the ambiguous gifts of love and care. Yet it’s also about all the motifs surrounding family: I actually had to pace myself and savor it; and with that I finished it in 3 sittings.

Neither is the narrative resolution, which includes such bluntly crafted phrases as alp blur – some cursing If nothing else, the title is genius. Wade isn’t exactly doing so hot lately. Her children, on the other hand, are all discovering they’re unhappy with who they are right now, that their identities have been subsumed in favour of their roles in society.

All Families are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland

Heartwarming and maddeningly human, the family Coupland creates is like one you’ve never seen before-with the possible exception of your own. I would be excited to see it. May 01, Jill Griffith rated it it was amazing.

Florida, by the way, is a main character. Coupland, once the wiseguy of Generation X, has become a wise man. No one picks up a bret easton ellis book and thinks now we are going to have some serious adult entertainment. Coupland has some very valid observations about life, ;sychotic by having two generations of adults in this novel, he can explore the shift in attitudes toward life between the s and the 21st century.

All Families are Psychotic

I really, really recommend this if you like dark humour, lots of craziness, funny family stories and a nice surprise. Like Chuck Palahniuk, Coupland mines tabloid territory for sensationalism, which he then undermines with ironic self-awareness.

While some dialogue seemed forced or hokey every now and then, and some of the flashbacks were overwrought, the main story moved at a brisk pace and was psychtic original. Janet’s ex-husband Ted and his trophy wife Nickie are there too, as is Bryan’s girlfriend Shw no vowels who is pregnant. The Drummond family at the center of Coupland’s new novel resembles a month’s worth of soap opera plots.


What famklies sweet book. But seriously, I can only recommend it. Life After God next, maybe, but not for a while.

Cause for me, it’s not. I might be biased because this book carries elements I’m a huge fan of: This quirk was eliminated on subsequent print runs, but the cover still retained this peculiar arrangement in some later printings. Little evocative description, even less couplanf development: The story escalates in a fantastical manner, with crazy character development and it’s funny how unexpectedly events e I might be biased because this book carries elements I’m a huge fan of: Discover what to read next.

What started out as just quirky and madcap dougla — chapter by chapter — predictably insane and unbelievable, to the point that it lost its punch in the repetitiveness.

This chapter is perhaps the book’s most uneventful. Although slightly crippled, being a thalidomide baby, Susan has made a career as a scientist and an astronaut. Ted shot Wade because his son had accidentally had sex with Ted’s second wife, Nickie.

ALL FAMILIES ARE PSYCHOTIC by Douglas Coupland | Kirkus Reviews

Wade is only just pulling himself together after a lifetime of screwing up, and Bryan struggles with depression. He is joined by his temperamental, pregnant and oddly named girlfriend who treats him with the respect one would give to a fresh pile of dog feces on a person’s new shoe. If they had studied the novel’s opening chapter for clues, they would have been confronted with a disorienting tableau of among other things a pill-popping elderly woman in a dingy familiea where the tap water may or may not be laced with crack, a brief, ironic realignment of marlin fishing as a humorously retro cultural activity, a one-handed female astronaut, references to the World Trade Organisation riots and GMO crop destruction, a few fmilies of the Depression, and a couple of loss-making websites.

And the whole of his family gets dragged into it, bickering when not straight up fighting all of the way. The Drummond family descends upon the state of Florida, cutting a swath through Disney World, the swamps, the highways, and Cape Canaveral, gathering to watch the launch into space of their beloved daughter and sister, Sarah.