Dominator XP Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS (MALE UAS) serves as a strategic asset, providing comprehensive ISR missions at ranges beyond. Boeing has a contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory to study uses of the Dominator UAV, illustrated here. (Courtesy: Boeing). Developed from the Austrian Diamond DA42 aircraft, the Dominator UAV executes intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISP).

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The Dominator, is based on manned aircraft converted by the company into a UAV, can carry up to 1, kilograms in special payloads such as a camera, radar, or bombsimultaneously and can stay airborne for 20 hours.

Israeli-made Dominator UAV tested in Mexico

Autonomous take-offs and landings are possible as is waypoint programming. Two conventional engines power the aircraft and each unit is shrouded by a streamlined nacelle fitted to the leading edge of the mainplane members.

The contract includes UAVs, land equipment and accompanying services over three years.

Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd – Israel. Those Israeli domiator went to 24 countries, including the United States. A Ground Control Station GCS is used to operate the aircraft in real-time and as a fail-safe to the autonomous sections of the design.

The Israeli army has claimed to have shot a Syrian Sukhoi jet after it infiltrated its air space over the occupied Golan Heights.


The engines turn three-bladed propellers. That volume’s expected do,inator expand as production costs are relatively low. We will witness this in the foreseeable future. This entry’s maximum listed speed mph.

Its contract includes 52 systems, with each comprising four air vehicles and a ground control station. July 24, In a public solicitation last Friday, the US Army announced its intention to purchase an airborne high-powered microwave system from Lockheed Martin, eominator use against drones.

Please enable Javascript in your browser for the best experience. Employees of an Israeli drone manufacturer, Aeronautics are facing charges for allegedly demonstrating its weapons targeting skills on Armenian soldiers at the request of potential Azerbaijan customers, various Israeli media outlets said.

Aeronautics Ltd. | Dominator XP Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS

Arie Egozi – FG. Indeed, Israel’s widely considered to be the leading UAV exporter in the world, selling units and associated technology as domminator afield as India, Russia, Nigeria and Mexico. According to Dany Eshchar, Aeronautics’ deputy chief executive for marketing and sales, 20 systems will be supplied by the end of the year.

Dominator unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs.

Aeronautics to Supply 2 Dominator UAS to Mexico

OOur C4ISTAR solutions comprise avionics and navigation controls, real-time command and control software, and advanced high-capacity datalinks.

Israel’s military has long used UAVs for intelligence-gathering operations in the fight against Palestinian militants and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon. The company also has been offering the adapted Diamond Aircraft DA42 for maritime patrol missions, and deputy chief executive Dany Eshchar confirms that a first system is being prepared for an unidentified customer.


Payload options include Electro-Optical EO sensors, InfraRed IR sensor fits, hyper-spectral sensors, laser designators, over-water radar search-and-track support, communications relays and the like. In addition to domunator, Israeli defense firms set up subsidiaries in consumer countries “to target markets, rather than expand local manufacturing,” Israel’s Haaretz daily observed in This website requires Javascript to be enabled.

We design our AISR-based solutions to support long-range artillery fire and precision-guided weapons, by providing real-time target acquisition delivered by UAS operating deep inside the enemy area. Falcon Epicure – photo Dassault Aviation Posted by Nawaponrath Asavathanachart at Israeli warplanes knocked out all 19 batteries over a two-day period, during which Israeli fighters shot down 85 Syrian aircraft for no loss.

Graph jav the Aeronautics Dominator XP’s operational range on internal fuel when compared to distances between major cities. Persistent wide-area surveillance PWAS. Orbiter 2B passes cold weather test in Finland.

Despite opposition from Moscow, Ukraine’s Ukroboronprom has decided to pitch for Indian contracts for the supply of components and repair