I documents stored in a database and am using Docx4j to convert them to PDF (doc -> docx -> pdf). It would be helpful to have the. I need to convert a doc file to pdf. I tried using POI to convert it first then using Docx4J to convert to pdf, but I got the error at the line. This page provides Java code examples for 4j. of DOCPROPERTY fields FieldUpdater updater = new FieldUpdater(pkg); (true);.

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There is also http: Then, when you open the document in WordWord automatically populates the content controls with the relevant XML data, which could even be an image or with docx4j, arbitrary XHTML.

The main problem with those is that the XML namespace is different. Adding a paragraph of text” above, many objects eg the document body, a paragraph, a runhave a List containing their content see The ContentAccessor interface further below.

As noted in “

You’ll need to accommodate that. In this case, the image is not embedded in the docx package, but rather, is referenced at its external location.


SmartArt docx4j supports reading docx and pptx voc which contain SmartArt. A similar approach works for pptx files: A data-bound content control looks something like: The XML we are looking to create will be something like: These include, on the package: Support for new Word features will be added soon.

Convert Document to PDF – for Java – Documentation

For further details, please see the SdtWriter class. MainDocumentPart The text of the document is to be found in the main document part. You can disable the autoconfiguration by setting docx4j property “docx4j. The type is not accessible due to restriction on required library rt. There are a few limitations however in the JAXB reference implementation: There is also a list of all parts, in the package object: As a developer, you 3 options: The relevant parts of docx4j are generated from the ECMA schemas.

Parts are generally subclasses of org.

OpenXML Convert doc to docx using docx4j . : docx4j Java forum

File inputfilepath ; There is a similar signature to load from an input stream. For example, a paragraph can contain a reference to a comment in the comments part, and if there is a problem with this reference, the document is invalid.

This should be avoided, unless your objective is to improve the fidelity of the output in which case, please contribute a patch! If you can’t add the annotation to the jaxb source code, an alternative is to marshall it using code which is explicit about the resulting QName. Traversal works by iterating over these lists.


To actually enable logging, log4j usually requires a log4. See docx4j-from-github-in-eclipse for details.

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To figure this out, start with a docx that contains the construct create it dicx4j Word if necessary. Traversing is a very useful approach for finding and altering parts of the document.

Sometimes you will want to marshal or unmarshal things yourself. Subject to that, you can do text substitution docx4k a variety of ways, for example: This approach supersedes Word’s legacy mail merge fields.

However, that won’t necessarily be the case. HtmlExporterNG2, anything which is not implemented will be obvious in the output document.

This XML can take 2 basic forms: JDK versions You need to be using Java 1.