Hello, Im french, sorry for my bad english. I whant à auto-generate thumb for my PDF I have à wrong message! Error it’s attachments. Bye. DOCman manages downloadable documents in Joomla. Organize files across Automated thumbnail generation for uploaded files. Every image file will get a. To use DOCman List you would have to type in {docmanlist. of your categories don’t have any documents in them, then you can hide the empty ones automatically . Description: This will allow you to customize the Thumbnail column label.

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If the due date has not been reached yet the text: Direct upload and Chosing from Server. Show Icon beside Title: This question will only be asked if there are non-migrated deleted messages present.

Docman 75000

This configure option will not apply to Simple Upload form. Number columns in Column layout. This Configure option only be applied when Collect Download Information is turned on. You can setup the Width size in pixel of Category thumbnail images. If sites upgrade from Fhumb the user has an overdue workflow, this will then make the workflow tile on the main menu red just like when a workflow is urgent. An issue has been fixed where when viewing an Excel document in Library, it was not displaying the sheet tabs, and thus the user could only view the sheet that was viewed when the Excel document was last saved.


When a user assigns another user to a Todo List who is not already a participant in the discussion, they will be asked if they would like to add them to the discussion as well.

atuo Assigning a due date to a workflow is not mandatory. An issue has been resolved that would occur when using the standard re-routing form to add a new recipient and comments to a workflow. Do you want to show File Type? An issue has been resolved that would occur when trying to browse documents from the Workflow Intray. When the batch was refreshed after adding the new stamp, the annotation would disappear.

A change has been made to rhumb in Scotland which basically means that; the Computer Misuse Act will not appear on the launch of Docman as this is not a legal requirement. When adding documents in this way, it was also adding an EDT tag to the document containing no patient information. Medication change and action required will now appear in the information column in the Workflow Intray.

The document would then be removed from the background filing queue. Related documents have the same category with current document.

The new account would need to be auro then edited to specify the Clinical User. When a document is tagged and it is public, it will be presented to the user in green, if it is a private tag, it will be presented in blue to the creator only.



Related documents is the same author: Documents now open with no issues. When the background filing process actually attempted to file this document, it would check the audit to see if the document had already gone into the clinical system, however, as the document had been summarised it appeared that thukb document had already been ato. This error is no longer received and the document is successfully deleted.

The revision number is shown in the header of the template edit screen. An issue has been resolved where when going from VB. An issue has been resolved that was occurring when attempting to OCR a document within Batch Manager. When a document is locked, none else can edit it at front-end side.

Configuration | Edocman Documentation

A change has been made within Docman that now gives the user the ability to import deleted messages as part of the message migration. When filing to the Vision clinical system and choosing to attach selected OCR text to the record, the full OCR text was being filed rather than the selection.

If a deleted message is migrated, the Collaborator message will be parked with all recipients marked as read.