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Posted by Chattwrjee Sinha at Amazing account of young Indians fired by patriotism sacrifice everything After I read the book, I was sort of pissed off at our education system for passing off such an important and more importantly, almost successful revolution as a one liner in our NCERT books.

You can punish me, you can even kill me, but I shall never tell the name of the person who killed my husband. I’m not sure why we set such store in judging loss as sacrifice.

Hello Roshmi Sinhanice blog. Yet Surjya Sen chatterjeee his band of young recruits triumphed over their deaths and films such as these will continue to stoke the fire of remembrance dje a long time to come. The Chittagong Uprising New Delhi: Very interesting, very well written. Due to well founded fears of mass revolt, the time of his execution was kept a closely guarded secret.

The Government of Bangladesh designated it as a monument. Their actions stunned the colonial power and ignited the spark of rebellion throughout Bengal. Would be interested in touching base with you. A green thumb, she does her bit for the environment. May Your qualities and Your inspiration pass to us. You can do anything with me.

Bollywood & Revolutionary Bengal: Revisiting the Chittagong Uprising (1930-34)

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My visitors are from: Easter Rebellion in India: Being a history buff, I really wanted to know what actually happened in Chittagong. I was lucky enough to be working with a group of police officer friends from Bangladesh and we candidly discussed these diametrically opposed perspectives as a way of understanding the nature of terrorism, the fact that it is viewed differently not only by the two sides of a violent political struggle, but also with the passing of time.

Do And Die : The Chittagong Uprising 1930-34

Read more posts from HWO. This in turn had the effect of undermining my belief in her portrayal of the personalities and character traits of the protagonists, and this spoilt my full enjoyment. A true Indian July 25, at 6: There ensued a hugely unequal battle. Chatterjee scores in giving a human face to the dry bones of history. The British administration had put an award of ten thousand rupees — a huge sum then — on his head.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I am an ordinary soul, an unknown Indian. Chatterjee traces the continuation of the struggle through maniji a tortuous twist. A very in-depth research and lots of days is what takes to write such a book, and she manages to give a very detailed account of what happened in those years apart from the Non-cooperation and Civil disobedience movements.

Che Guevera, once said: The original group found itself separated and in two.

Bollywood & Revolutionary Bengal: Revisiting the Chittagong Uprising () – History Workshop

Using the skills of a journalist to ask the right questions, Chatterjee uncovers the riveting saga of an intrepid band of men and women who engaged the might and wits of a mature and entrenched colonial state for four long years.

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Drawing on police records and government files and interviews with revolutionaries, Chatterjee reconstructs the events of that fateful night when six ex-detenus, inspired by the famous Easter Uprising in Dublinattacked the armouries of the police and the Auxiliary Force in Chittagong. Although it just felt like a text book itself, but in the end I think Manini Chatterjee justified what she was doing.

Women who had cast off traditional roles during a period of struggle found it far more difficult than men to pick up the pieces and reconstruct their lives in “peace time”. The exploits of the revolutionaries, whom the British denounced, brutally tortured, tried and hanged as “terrorists”, have entered our folklore of people’s struggle for independence from colonial oppression.

While Chittagong may have been the first “instance of women decisively crossing the Lakshman Rekha that bound them to home and family” it was not, as Chatterjee suggests, the only instance of this happening. While still in school, she did a diploma course in journalism from vree Dateline School of Journalism and started writing for Dateline Delhi.

The Independent, Friday, 26 Nov. They adopted in a programme of hitting government establishments Disappointed in it as a work of narrative history.

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