The Swordmage, A True Arcane Half-Caster for 5e – Spellsword. I was just wondering if you would perhaps upload it to DnD Beyond as a. Swordmages were powerful arcane spellcasters who blended martial combat with magic, often but not always elemental in nature. Ancient traditions of. I want to make a character that is similar to a swordmage in 4E. I need longsword prof and some teleport spells. Is there a way to achieve this in.

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One after one swords fly up and are raised from the ground piercing the air, a human chains her foe and flicks her wrist as a sword penetrates a foe down on its knees as death brings upon it by her ally without her unsheathing her own sword.

The culture of the swordmage varies from place to place and person to person but many archetypes exist. It has the teleporting and interrupt s attacks to protect allies. Your enemy hits your bloodied ally, you immediately teleport and knock the crap out of them with a plus 2 to attack and a plus 3d10 to damage. If your DM allows homebrew, though, I can suggest swordmave Swordmage class.

The Swordmage

Shackled Dns Hybrid daily Knowledge and understanding are what these mages go through so they can get a feel sworrdmage their sword’s emotions and effectiveness during combat. In addition, twice per day but no more than once per encounter, a 20th level Swordmage may, as a Free Action, channel enormous amounts of Arcana through his body, in doing so he Supercharges himself into what is best described as a being of pure Arcana.

Retrieved from ” https: When a hybrid swordmage gains the Hybrid Talent feat, he or she chooses one hybrid talent option dnr either of his or her hybrid classes.


Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2. Powers – Paragon Tier. Personally, I’d go Paladin so no multiclassing is needed, and smite spells ssordmage OP the mix of magic and martial combat that they probably want.

Learning the Art of the Duelist means you are responsible for your swords and what you do with them.

Sword Mage (5e Class)

You can shoot out chains from your hands and attempt to grapple the enemy. On a failed check, you gain disadvantage on your next attack roll.

This process automatically destroys any other fragments of the weapon in existence, so you can’t use it to create multiple copies of a broken weapon.

Whenever the creature you marked is within 30′ of you and hits another creature with an attack, you may use your Reaction to teleport the target of your mark to any space adjacent to you. Up to one sword can be used for this technique.

Your imbued weapons do not wwordmage a space nor can they provide opportunity attacks or flanking opportunity.

On a failed save, a creature takes 5d6 magical piercing damage and takes half on a successful save. To qualify for multiclassing into the Sword Mage class, you must meet these prerequisites: Genasi from Returned Abeir are the archetypal assault swordmages. Rapid Aegis Reaction Level Swordmage for 5e First sworvmage an actual bug.

Darth Vader, Swordmage|Defenderlock

Edit this Page All stubs. Avatar of True Arcana Ex: The mark lasts for 10 minutes, until swordmagf creature dies, or until you choose to recast the mark against another creatures by expending the 4 spell points again. Magical barriers of force swirl around you, protecting you from harm. There are attempts at it; the eldritch knight is a fighter that gets access to a few spells and cantrips, but it still feels overly martial. Constitution helps your survivability and can be useful if you want to try some shielding swordmage powers.


If you attempt to bond with a third weapon, you must break the bond with one of the other two. Find out what you dhd do.

Masters of Blade Magic: Armor and Weapon Proficiencies Swordmages are considered proficient in all of the weapons they can conjure with their Incantations, and with all simple weapons as well. Your sword gains its own initiative during battles and its speed raises by 10ft. Now, instead of granting advantage the beacon can be used as a mini-scrying spell. You protect your allies with magical shields of forceā€”and by keeping enemies away from them.

Sword Mage (5e Class) – D&D Wiki

In addition, you use your Intelligence modifier when setting the saving throw DC for a sword mage spellyou cast and when making swordmxge attack roll with one. From the class skills list below, choose 4 more trained skills at 1st level. They use their telekinesis smartly and always look for the most efficient way to end their opponents with their spells and weapons. The tattoo gives the Swordmage the ability to negate the effects of “See Invisibility” and “True Seeing.

You use your spells to your advantage whenever you are in battle.