Buy Diary of a Crush: French Kiss: Number 1 in series Reprint by Sarra Manning (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. When Edie moves up to Manchester and starts college she’s a little scared – scared to be in a new town with new people, and none of her old friends. But then . A smile generator of a read―Bliss for Adorkable Witty, original and an up-to-date boy meets girl, boy hates girl, girl hates boy love storya grown-up, truthful.

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View all 4 comments. French Kiss follows the life of Edith aka Edie, a sixteen-year-old girl whose just moved to a new town and has to start a new college.

Diary of a Crush: French Kiss

She lives in London. Apr 20, Steph Su rated it did not like it. By the time I reached the middle part, I knew I had to get my hands on the next two books.

They were just lovely! The setting takes place in England and about 5 monumental places in America. Some parts of the book will leave you speechless in a good way. One of my favorite series! Little, Brown Fantastic Beasts: Shallow and a pushover when it comes to Dylan.

The ending was not satisfying at all! Mia is using Edie to get Paul off her back so she can get with Dylan, Shona wants to be with Paul but thinks Edie likes him, and Dylan is kissing with Edie but having intimate conversations with Mia. By the end of this book, she was a mature woman who could handle dairy was thrown at her, even if sometimes she handled things wrong at first.


Its cruxh hot and makes them cranky and at first all they do is argue. As a nice guy who likes quiet and order, Victor knows he’ll be happy reading books for the rest of his life.

A time before Twitter, iPhones, and gasp! I can totally relate. Home Girl is the story of Naomi, a teenage girl growing up fast in the care system. She can’t seem to breath or think around Dylan janning makes a fool of herself constantly. I was so invested in their relationship that by the end of book three, when Edie ceush Dylan were about to go their separate ways, I felt the gravity and sadness of their goodbye with them.

I will admit that it was sometimes difficult for me to follow along with this book, mostly due to some terms I wasn’t familiar with and situations that are different from those in the United States. Meh, Yeah, I just think this wasn’t for me. No, seriously, that’s what she says. Sarga love how it started of with how normal everything is, then there are little fights here and there.

Lists with This Book.

French Kiss (Diary of a Crush, #1) by Sarra Manning

She’s as flaky as flake can be. Still though, nothing really ever happened, nothing significant anyhow, it seemed like sarra manning didn’t really know what to write, and just kept repeating stuff to fill out the book. But this is one of those books you need to be old enough to understand about life as a young adult to enjoy and understand.


As the class gears up to take a trip to Paris, things with Dylan seem to be alternately heating up and cooling off. Well I guess I chose this knowing it would be simple, and not Shakespeare or anything, but I expected to maybe like ONE of the characters? BUT, I have to say I did enjoy reading it. It was a sad day when this was the final instalment of Edie’s diary.

He is a prince among men.

What more we got to know about Dylan didn’t really impress me. Dylan need not have been such a pig at times. Character development was also sorely lacking, as Edie still reverts to catty fighting with her “BFF” Poppy. Thankfully, Atom have decided to re-publish this series, giving them a new gorgeous covers with a new release date.

If you haven’t read this book yet, you really need to! The story was a drivel.