Subject: Re: [Derren Brown] Reminiscence I got Pure Effect from www. for but remember it is third edition so it. The Derren Brown Lecture by International Magic (DVD) Enter the world of magic , REMINISCENCE: A hypnotised spectator merely thinks of a memory. Derren Brown Show Conjuror’s Corner. He does a routine called Reminiscence that is absolutely amazing whether you know the method or.

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He uses all kinds of techniques, NLP not sure re,iniscence that on hypnosis, and mind tricks and is very good at ‘reading’ things from peoples faces, bodylanguage etc. Xiqual Inner circle Upper left quadrant Posts. There are a lot of people who assume that if they can’t figure out how it’s done, it could be “real”. Registration is simple, fast and free!

Magic Tricks

Find More Posts by Locutus. Curt Cheese is nothing but thick milk. This part derreen the routine brought an extra smile to my Iace as I walked around Bristol planning it. Fun emails Guest browm.

Originally Posted by edd And the risks of using stooges are too great – you do not want to be caught using a stooge when you can do things a reminisvence reputable way. Remember that you are trying to create in your volunteer’s mind the idea that the audience is picking up her impressions.


As gosman mentioned; the only legal way is to get the first self published version of Pure Effect. On top oI the assembled deck is placed the real Romance card, which will be top-changed Ior the subject’s one a little later.

Many will Iind this task diIIicult, and may need encouragement.

Derren Brown

Where It Has To. Well, it wouldn’t be very interesting if Brown beown the ladies before hand what they liked or didn’t like and then tape himself magically guessing what they like and don’t like. The card that she removes Irom the set oI category cards.

While studying law in Bristol, Derren got increasingly interested in hypnosis after he saw a live hypnosis show by Martin Taylor. The End by Rick.

Derren Brown – Fora Subliminal. Let your breathing become relaxed, and just allow the impressions to come into your mind as we do this.

The Derren Brown Lecture by International Magic DVD

This is not a mere fanboy curiousity, I am very serious about mentalism and I feel this would be a fantastic addition to my repetoire. This is a nice touch – suddenly he cannot write. Take a look at our Return Policy.

Where does she get this inIormation Irom?

You browb that it’s either staged or real and ignore the other options. OI course this was a highly comic moment, as the tension was released Ior everyone. Originally Posted by yairhol but interacting with people and in 3 minutes without them beown a word besides their name and he can guess what they’re thinking and what they would like their dream date to be like etc You certainly don’t want to get caught using any method.


Derren Brown – Reminiscence

This is meant to be tongue in cheek, and I expect it was planted by him for when he knew that the news would come out that he is a homosexual. As far as I know, Brown doesn’t stoop that low.

Check out ‘The Seance’. Those two tactics can yeild surprising results. Most magicians not mentalists perform to fool their audience. I know I found great value in them. Some magicians do mentalism and mentalists are magicians. Derren Brown – Boxers Lifting a Girl.

This may or may not remind her oI the number, but it will oIIer a very subtle red herring to audience members that are watching careIully. Real trickery designed to trick his subjects on the show, not staged trickery designed dwrren fool the audience. Isn’t that what “reality TV” is all about? I shall write this down.