Wed, 19 Dec GMT delphi nav user manual pdf – View and. Download Delphi NAV owner’s manual online. Delphi GPS Navigation. [PDF] Delphi Nav Manual You can download and read online PDF file Book. Delphi Nav Manual Download only if you. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Delphi NAV User Manual • Delphi GPS receiver.

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With an easy, intuitive interface, the Delphi NAV displays maps with street- level detail, allowing door-to-door navigation.

The maps include points of interest, such as parks, airports, restaurants and lodging. To avoid overheating of the unit, do not leave Delphi NAV on the dash or windshield while your vehicle is unattended, especially in strong sunlight.

Do not use or handle Delphi NAV while it is hot. Let it cool away from heat sources before handling nqv300. Delphi NAV helps guide you to your destination. Majual best results when using Delphi NAV This manial contains a non-replaceable lithium-ion internal battery that can burst or explode, releasing hazardous chemicals. To avoid risk of fire or explosion, do not attempt to replace the Delphi NAV battery. The Delphi NAV battery is not user-replaceable. In-vehicle charging cable 5.

Do not attempt to install Delphi NAV while driving. Before installing the Delphi NAV, check whether your vehicle is fitted with a heat-reflecting or heated windshield. If so, you will need to purchase an external antenna from your retailer to allow your unit to pick up GPS signals.

Do not operate the Delphi NAV while driving. By default, the unit will power on when connected to a 12V power source. CALC — Starts the calculator manua. GAME — Starts the game function. Common functions of the keyboard are: Do not operate Delphi NAV while driving.

Park the vehicle first. Use the toggle key to toggle between possible values. Some settings have many options. Tap on the list icon to see all valid values. To select a value, tap it. You will be prompted to enter a new address, search for a point-of-interest, or directly access POI categories that you can define default is the nearest gas station, parking area or restaurant. In certain fields you can enter the first few letters of the word, and the NAV will provide a list of applicable names for your destination.

Tap Start Navigation to begin your journey. Tap the button for your selection. Tap to select a category The icon for the GPS receiver will be red if it is not ready. New Destination Options Before beginning your trip, you can use the Options function to: Tap your selection from the list NOTE: For very long lists, enter the first letter or letters in delphu name and allow the Delphi NAV to narrow the list to the most appropriate selections.

The relphi Destinations Map will be displayed. This entry map will not update as your vehicle moves, and is used for selecting destinations only. Tap the Take Me There button to navigate to the selected location. Tap Calculate Route to show the route. Tap to show turn-by- turn directions. Tap to specify a starting point. Select the method for entering route points from the list. Once you have added all of the route points, tap Show Route to delph the route. Flags show each destination Tap to show turn-by- turn directions.


Also allows you to set the current deelphi Turn-by-Turn Directions Once a route is calculated, you can review the directions turn-by-turn for the trip. Tap the recalculate button to recalculate the route without any unwanted segments. Using the Map Access the map by tapping Options from the navigation main menu. The 2- dimensional destination map is displayed. Use this map to select destinations.

The 3-Dimensional Navigation Map Shows the current speed limit Shows the maneuver following the next turn Shows the next turn Shows the name of the next road or exit for your route Shows upcoming POIs Shows the name of the current road – 36 – Shows the upcoming road Information contained in the cartographic material can be incorrect depending on current conditions, roadwork, etc.

Obey all current applicable traffic laws. Map Functions in Navigation Mode Tap any spot on the map to display additional navigation functions.

Switches between 2D and 3D map modes With its integrated microphone, the NAV allows you to answer and make calls from the touch screen. Pressing the Bluetooth button the Bluetooth system. Settings Tapping the Settings button opens the Settings Screen. Tap to have NAV connect to During this amnual, please watch your phone screen for any additional response that manula phone may require.

Select your phone from the list and tap Connect to connect the Mznual to your phone. Tap to connect to your phone When connection is successful, you will be prompted to enter your PIN code.

Tap Touch pad to open the on-screen key board and enter your PIN code. The default pin code is Tap OK to record your entry. The NAV will pair with your phone.

You may need to enter the PIN code or perform other functions on your phone to complete the pairing.

Delphi NAV user manual – – Solve your problem

Please watch your phone screen during this process. Your phone should now be paired to the NAV This method of connecting the NAV to your phone is useful only if there has been difficulty connecting the NAV as a hands free device. You can add and remove phones from your list and disconnect and connect to different phones using the List Screen.

If you have phones already paired to the NAV, but have none of them currently connected, the following screen appears when you select Hands Free from the Main Menu. Making a Bluetooth Call Select the Hands Free button from the Bluetooth menu to place a call using a currently connected device.


Tap to open the number keypad and dial the call Tap to access previously stored favorite numbers Delphii to view recent call history and select a number to call Favorites Delphj Favorites accesses a list of your previously stored favorite numbers. Tap to call the selected favorite number Tap to add a favorite number Adding Favorites If you have no Favorites on the Favorites list, the following screen is displayed.

Tap Yes to display the touch pad to add a Favorite. Enter the number of the Favorite and tap OK. History Tapping History accesses a list of your previously called or received numbers. Tap to call the selected number Tap to add the selected number to your list of favorite numbers Voice Call Tapping Voice Call allows you to make a call by speaking the name of a previously recorded voice call number on your phone. Tap Answer to answer the call or Refuse to refuse the call.

Delphi NAV and subscriber services. If you are navigating to a destination, messages that affect your current route will be displayed first. You can configure this to happen automatically or manually. If you have configured TMC with manual confirmation, your will receive a screen with details of the obstruction: You can choose to detour around the obstruction or ignore it. In Auto tuning mode, the TMC receiver searches continually for the station that offers the best reception.

The name and frequency of the station are displayed. Adding music, movies or pictures requires an additional SD mwnual not included and the ability to download MP3 or wav files from a computer. Tap the Play button to play the file listed.

The screen displays the relphi playback time and status. Adding movies requires an additional SD card not included and the ability to download avi files from a computer.

Tapping the video portion of the screen toggles between full-screen and menu modes. Movie Play List Pressing Play will play the file majual full-screen mode. Adding pictures requires an additional SD card not included and the ability to download gif, jpg, or png files from a computer. Tapping the image portion of the screen toggles between full-screen and menu modes.

Delphi NAV300 Owner’s Manual

Press the up and down arrow keys on the front of the Delphi NAV while in full-screen mode to zoom the image in and out. Movie and music MP3 playing, picture viewing, demo, and calculator are intended for use while you are not driving your vehicle.

Delphi NAV screen and environment settings can be changed by tapping the Settings button from the main screen. If it does not appear to be functioning properly, please follow the troubleshooting guidelines below.