Resolution N. of April 1, , and Resolution N. of May See Consob Resolution (“Delibera”) N. /; at least each 6. National transposition measures communicated by the Member States concerning: Commission Directive /14/EC of 8 March laying down detailed. more apparent than in the cabinet’s delibera- tions about Europe’s plans for The announcement of the discount came after Consob, the Italian stock B TMttp +10 45 T9 aSb m 0» M **»• i!2 aS^ISSK M *SK £!.

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Mr Harvey believes it should be replaced by a mathematical model system which can take better account of any new seasonal factors. It has been in talks with the French and Ger- man state telecoms operators, but the discussions do not appear to have influenced the failure of the EDS deal. Joint sole agents Ryden. But in the longer term, its ambitions are in the global business of wines and spirits, not the domestic business of UK beer.

May, from the same month last year, and a Bilik production in Denmark has traditionally been quite fragmented with the average producer owning just 40 cows, but growing cost pressures are forcing dairy fanners to expand.

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The Company has reached a stage of development where the board considers that further growth will be expedited by joining with a similar size or larger organisation.

Tony Jackson on Danisco, a big fish in its pond The skill not to turn its back on the basics The trouble with die Danish food deliebra, according to one of its most senior execu- deliibera, is that its output is just too basic. During the first quarter ofthe economy grew by 4 per cent, said Hugo Romero Quintero, interimpresident of the bank.

This figure, though, is, dwarfed by cash payments, which. Danisco was formed at the start of through the merger of three publicly quoted Danish companies: Farmers also shape company policy by electing representa- tives to an advisory committee which comprises producers and 22 staff. The board is looking for good quality assets.


The secretary also argued against traditional job subsi- dies, saying that, in 70 per cent of cases, employers are being subsidised for employees they would have hired without a subsidy. M Bed and Alan C Mflkr.

The proper employ- ment of. During the Gulf war.

This was first developed in tte US in tte s and has since been adopted by most western gov- ernments. About 95 per cent of its production is exportedand the company has slicing, packaging and process- ing plants in the UK and Ger- many.

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We have talked to a lot of other people but have not signed anything with anybody yet-” Howell: Ms Becky Shaw, girl-friend of a former dose aide to Mr Deilbera.

FT Business Morning 10D0: Critics erf the Polish govern- ment, however, question its performance and argue that the positive outcome of the past nine months is the result of the policies of previous Soli- darity coalition government led by Ms Hanna Suchocka. It claimed responsi- bility for the killings, and has vowed to carr y out more attacks. Not at all, says Mr Vinum. But the deal’s main challeng- ers – principally US-owned Union Carbide -are not satis- fied that the undertakings will prevent the joint venture, Montell, from dominating the European polypropylene market and hindering competi- tion.

Prospects for the primary food industry clearly depend on access to world markets, but Denmark has one 61850 tant advantage.

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With the Wall gone, the city’s hinterland, where greenfield sites and new housing developments abound, is an attraction for fami- lies and business alike. Stephen Roach, chief non-union Sun Belt states, addressed the ingly confrontational.


She must over- came challenges from Mr John. The likeli- hood of a new party being formed rose sharply after Mr Meyer, who had been in charge of charting a new path for the National party, resigned in protest at the refusal of the leadership to consider political alliances. This apparently paradoxical broadening of the portfolio is defended by Mr Vinum. Now the question is whether Mr Hashimoto’s reformist ambitions can sur- vive the row.

Offers required of SFr 1 million. So we apologize, in advance, for the promptness of our wake-up call. Lucius Cary, who started VCR 16 years ago, is the grandfather of the busi- ness angel introduction industry. Money from the national Republican party could over- come this problem, as it did in the recent by-election in Ken- tucky, which the Republicans won.

This division has bon a bless- ing for the US private security industry, which has more employees than the public police forces. Given respective levels of demand, British interest rates will need to stay higher than European ones for some time – possibly years.

The consortium, which represents leading UK fruit and vegetable growers, says it is concerned that young consumers are increasingly turning their back on fresh food in favour of more fashionable processed vari- eties. Kate Jenkins at Business Intelligence Ttl.

Between and The analysis aims to stiffen the backbone of EU governments in deljbera the cuts both domestically and abroad in the rnn-up to international climate change talks in Kyoto, Japan, in December. The Congress culminated in an address by Lady Thatcher.