Seventeen-year-old Cassie Morgan lives with a time bomb (a.k.a. her stepfather, Dino Cavalli). To the public, Dino is a world-renowned violin player and. You would have never recognized the Dino I lived with in the books that had been written about him before the “incident.” No one had a clue. No one seemed to. Deb Caletti is the award-winning author of The Queen of Everything; Honey, Baby, Sweetheart; and The Nature of Jade, among others. In addition to being a.

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This book will hook you in. This is the challenge that seventeen-year-old Cassie Morgan faces. Let’s just say that causes a lot of drama.

This feb the story of year-old Cassie Logan, an amateur astronomer. It was a little slow to start off, but it got a lot better. This is probably a girl book but I would definately recommend it.

I was so mad. The characters were fantastic in this book. Caletti seems to have a way of making love at first sight, that people are destined to be a part of another’s calettu, natural, at least to me.

They have nothing in common except for a shared dislike of Dino. Sep 11, Danielle rated it liked it. It’s hard to keep people guessing with this genre. Overall, I really really liked it debating whether it belongs on my favourites shelf.

Calettti thing I hated about it would be the unrealistic formation of love. Wild Roses by Deb Caletti is about Cassi, who is a teenage in highschool.


Wild Roses by Deb Caletti

Fortunately, he never crosses that line, but unsurprisingly, he does finally hit someone towards the end of the book. It had the things I look for such as a good story, good characters, and a clear plot. It’s not a light book in my opinion, there is some humor but it can get pretty heavy especially later on.

I just couldn’t get into this one. He’s just this random boy riding on a bike and all of a sudden she’s obsessed caletyi him. I searched in vain and I never found one. Once you get past that you can plunge yourself into the goodness this book has to offer. Which isn’t a horrible thing, especially with contemporary.

Cassie is the stepdaughter of violin virtuoso Dino Cavalli. Okay, maybe if you’re going for the whole love at first sight angle it makes sense. The author builds the tension well: But then things get strange. To tell you the truth the plot was just stupid I could probably relate to it more than others because I have dealt with a lot of things that Cassie has to deal with, but goses doesn’t mean that not everyone should read it because I am definitely recommending it!

And it makes you realize there’s absolutely no way to avoid change.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Oct 28, Herapia rated it it was amazing. Kudos to Caletti for constantly challenging the genre. And while their relationship does expand throughout a year, I never felt the connection. Refresh and try again.

Wild Roses

View Full Version of PW. No one seemed to see what was coming. This book has nothing to do with a rose. But this idea totally didn’t fit in rosea this story, this calletti of supposedly realistic fiction.


Books by Deb Caletti. Love seems to be something to approach with caution, as if you’d come across a wrapped box in the middle of the street and have no idea what it contains. Roses are pretty and gentle and sweet e So very, very terrible. I am finally done ugh this was just not the book for me.

I was also surprised with how everything turned out. She was both funny and insightful.

Wild Roses « Deb Caletti

Deb Caletti is just an amazing author, so it was really well written and all that. I don’t like the ending, I don’t like how the story progressed.

Anyway, the boy turns out to be be Ian and of course they fall in love. He was hardly in the book, which made the romance seem improbable. Cassie is having a hard time.

This is a YA author that writes with surprising depth. Even though Cassie knows that Ian has to focus on his music, she finds that her heart has a mind of its own.

Obviously, living with my husband is nowhere near as dramatic as Cassie and her mother living with Dino, but what I relate to is the deference to genius. Jun 09, Taina rated it it was ok.

But I really did enjoy it, and I am excited to read more of Caletti’s work in the future. The Best Books of