The complete series list for – Deadworld J.N. Duncan. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time. Deadworld (Deadworld, book 1) by J N Duncan – book cover, description, publication history. Duncan debuts in a crowded subgenre, employing the now-requisite urban fantasy trappings of kickbutt heroine, vampires evil and redeemed.

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An agressive one at that. We finally get to see how Cornelius became so powerful. Very colorful and flavorful I guess you could say. Her impulsivity and disregard for self-preservation, along with her ongoing drinking problems made her irritating. And sadly, Jackie was just the first in a string of uninteresting, unsympathetic characters. No, of course not. Sex scene that turns sour expect traumatic flashbackreferences to rape He’s lost all duncxn in living and duncah only awaiting the inevitable but my question is, why didn’t he just end it himself?

At first Jackie the MC, I kind of didn’t like. I expect this will be different at that point that I get another book out…which is my ongoing effort at the moment. They apply the bad cop, good cop roles in the story. A single fluorescent light burned in the middle of the room, an all-too-familiar setup.

Nor are we given any information as to why Drake would turn Nick into a vampire. I loved Laurel from the very beginning.

She gets drunk and goes home with strangers most nights. The series is named for Jackie Rutledge; unlike some reviewers, I found her quite believable as a skilled, experienced FBI agent whose personal issues anger and a drinking problem, both stemming from inability to get past a childhood trauma have reached the point of jeopardizing her job–her boss, also believable, has already put himself at risk covering for her. Replacing local legend, Rachel Rollins, is a daunting task to say the least.

Agent Rutledge is one of those characters that you hate to love and sympathize with. View deqdworld 6 comments.


Early Review: Deadworld by J.N. Duncan

Where did Reggie go? I’ve had it on my TBR pile for awhile now and managed to get to it recenty. On the other hand, the male protagonist, Nick,is NOT too freaking heroic to be two-dimensional.

Dundan characters in this book are interesting, flawed – dduncan not warm and cuddly, but they settle into your bones and MATTER in a way that keeps you reading. The Cover and Title The cover confuses me. View all 5 comments. I did find a couple of scenes with Nick to be very bittersweet, I can’t imagine having to make a tough decision like he did for the person he loved twice.

The novel was a refreshingly different look at vampires and the world of spirits. What is your reaction to this dilemma?

Deadworld (Deadworld, book 1) by J N Duncan

Through the whole book I wasn’t sure if I liked Jackie or not. After a somewhat bland and very short reunion with his wife, Nick discovers the way to finally kill Drake, and get Jackie back to the safety of the living world right when she herself is about to die. If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, please consider using the link or search box and All Things Urban Fantasy will receive a percentage of your purchases.

Jul 09, Jess rated it liked it Shelves: All in all I can’t say that this is a bad book but neither is it a good book. I only got it because I had to actually go into the library and came across it, and it looked like a book I would like. Oct 31, Brooke Johnson rated it liked it. There are some grammatical errors here and there, there are some twists, a bit of drama, the BDSM scene that could also be considered by some to be an attempted rape of some sort with who being the rapist debatable at this pointa lot of the characters are subpar, and the whole thing tends to speed up then slow down and then speed back up again.


The characters didn’t feel authentic, the plot lacked depth and certain aspects of the story were revealed too slowly.

Before starting “Deadworld”, I was expecting the usual run of the mill paranormal romance, where the big brooding alpha male would end up saving and falling for the tou Full Review on bookchickcity. Deacworld years, numerous false starts, and a couple of college degrees later, the dream of publication has been achieved. Return to Book Page. Adults live in a harsh world and getting the swing of being all grown up is a difficult task, but you know what?

The characters k flat and I just didn’t care about any of them.

Writing in the Dark | Author Blog for writer J.N. Duncan

Honestly Reviewed By http: Lovers for a time, Shelby and Nick work together in Specialty Investigationsa private eye firm specializing in ghostly issues. Overall I thought this was a great start to a new series.

Just be warned of the content matter. Previous Books in Series. That’s especially true of Sheriff Nick May 23, Pam rated it it n amazing.

Kensington April 1, Language: There was also a bit too much cussing in the book as well for me. The plot is dark and bloody. Plot wise there were a lot of holes why could the vampires feel the pull of the dead? The near impunity with which she operates is baffling, and the more Martin digs, the more mysterious Rachel and Deadworlc become.

There are a lot of stories out there where the duncab character dies. Then there was a sort of lapse in the plot where nothing really happens.

If not, I for one will not be continuing on with these books.