De Zin Van Het Bestaan, Viktor E. Frankl -Viktor Frankl beschrijft in het eerste deel van deze klassieker zijn aangrijpende ervaringen in het concentratiekamp. De zin van het bestaan – Viktor Frankl. 2 likes. Book. Viktor Frankl was hoogleraar in de Neurologie en Psychiatrie aan de Universiteit Het boek ‘De zin van het bestaan’ van Viktor Frankl bestaat uit twee delen.

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Reading this book felt like work and I didn’t enjoy it.

De zin van het bestaan

Psicoterapia per l’uomo d’oggi. They pictured it in their minds and it kept them going through many grueling days. I can only think it’s gained notoriety for being on everyone’s must-read lists rather than for being a great book, because great book it isn’t. View all 12 comments.

Books by Viktor Frankl

Senso e valori per l’esistenza – La risposta della logoterapia. There was no feeling or emotion, and I didn’t enjoy reading this at all. And since then I have read so much about the Holocaust that it sickens me.

I hope this is not a depressing book.

Uno psicologo nei lager e altri scritti inediti. I’m glad I know about this book. Gesammelte Werke, Teilband 3: Frankl didn’t invent it, “The Meaning of Life”. He added vqn chapter to his book because there was a great demand for it by readers.


But this should not be an excuse for marketing his ‘invention’ together with a memoir of suffering and torture. If I were viktoe the book in I wo Huge disappointment. He was one of the key figures in existential therapy.

The rest of the book was unbelievable, and in the wrong way. Toda la obra de Viktor E.

Gelesen von Martin Schwab. Psychotherapie, Psychiatrie va Religion. Frankl vuelve su mirada hacia aquellos episodios y encuentros personales que tuvieron mayor impacto en su vida y en su pensamiento: To make things even worse was that he switched from first person perspective to 3rd person perspective constantly while talking about his camp experiences I would have liked it to be handled in the book. The narration by Simon Vance was enjoyable and I liked Fundamentos da Logoterapia e analise existencial.

I had only read Anne Frank, and I had just stepped out of a cultish religion that kept me ignorant to world news, not that I was ignorant of the Holocaust, but I knew so little.

Ricerca di Dio e domanda di senso. It’s hard to review this book. Its affect is on the one hand awe-inspiring, and on the other chilling Zijn denkbeelden vermengen zich echter zo geleidelijk en voorzichtig met het verhaal, dat dit niet zomaar een boek over de verschrikkingen van het concentratie kamp is, maar een zeer diepgaande verhandeling.


We needed to stop asking about the ivktor of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life—daily and hourly.

They were made to work under harsh weather conditions with scarce food. I read a news article on Viktor …more The book is a fast read, and it’s hard to argue with a book that has more than 12 million copies in print worldwide.

Yet I will give it four stars, because I think Viktor Frankl has astutely identified the main reason for existential angst – the lack of meaning in one’s life in modern times.

De zin van het bestaan by Viktor E. Frankl (1 star ratings)

Anyone having trouble figuring out life or what the point is could benefit from reading this I think. Can there really be given a higher meaning to suffering, in order to survive the suffering? I vijtor don’t always get super-excited by self-help psychology books. The writing is straight, modest and very honest.

Then I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: