A venue owner is hot and bothered to install a DRPA. He is thinking it will be a one-unit fix-all-of-our -problems box. His regular knob-turner can. Sorry, the dbx DriveRack PA2 Package – with RTA Mic, Stand, and Cable is no longer available. We’ve left this page up for reference only. Check out the great. Hi,i want to know, why should i or why shouldn’t i use it. If you think it is ok to use it, how.

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I am using the DR correctly too with the JBL and Crown amp settings and setting everything at unity gain and at the same clip point, nothing is over driven I think the advice is about right in assuming the DRPA is the weak link as I had to play with it for awhile to get it sounding its best, but if not setup correctly it’s a fast downhill spiral.

Why not have him take a look at the DR or a Minidrive. What you can measure vs what you can hear come at different price points. I have had two for about three year now. Travis “Audio Viking” Baits ” But that’s where you have it to set the limiter, not necessarily where you leave it in use.

It’s assumed that the amp is capable of exceeding the maximum recommended voltage of the particular enclosure. Keep the other side through the DRPA and shut down the drap amp. Once they get past their initial break in period they seem pretty reliable. I also use a Medusa Whirlwind snake so the chain I think is pretty good stuff. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. He has the blessed Alesis comp on the monitor feed!?!?!?!?


Take a look at the DR I use a Phonic PAA2 to monitor the frequencies and everything is in line. For example, if the erpa can only produce 54 volts flat out before clip, and you set the limiter threshold to 60V, the limiter will not prevent clipping in any way.

The Dxb was not out yet or I would have gotten one.

You then set the amp attenuation for the desired sound level. What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about? Audible quality dbz are not cheap. I’ve used the wizard and some time, but not all the time According to the DBX gurus this doesn’t render the best signal to noise ratio, but I would sooner put up with a slightly higher noise floor than having the cones turned inside out. Another thing, maybe regarding only the DRPA series, but the normal sequence to set the gain structure as listed on the DBX forum, allows for a final position of the gain pot on the amp itself.

So why not test by eliminating the DRPA?

DBX DRPA good or not so good???? | Harmony Central

Lots of reasons to upgrade. Life is just a game, don’t take it to seriously! Login or Sign Up. Anyone know anything about that?

I’ve looked at the as well. You’ll still need the s but for the price of the and a decent analog crossover you can have the DRPA and its additional features. View the Media Kit. Running the amp wide open and the mixer low to control levels can result in high noise.


Perhaps your expectations dgpa unrealistic.

DBX DRPA – Long term use / reliability

It will also allow you to at least make a decent attempt at EQ’ing your system and keeping wandering fingers from messing with it you might leave the dual 15 inline for those who just have to twiddle- although a dx tuned system shouldn’t require an EQ change going from folky to hairband.

I was actually impressed as when I originally purchased the system I wasn’t expecting that.

Not one has failed in the field yet. Which might work better? The truth be known, if the limiters are set correctly, the amp should never have the opportunity to approach clipping.

Home Board index Electronics Mixers and Processors. I have had absolutely no problems with mine and I purchased it within a couple weeks of when they came out.

Tomorrow, for which I work, is mine. Buttons start to go a little quick – rbx you usually aren’t playing with those if you get it set up correctly. Another option would be to go to an Ashly Protea 3. There’s also a negative side.