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DBMM Army List Book 2. «on: April 14, , PM». Can someone post a link to the Army List book 2 please as I’m having difficulty finding it. Thanks. DBMM ARMY LISTS BOOK 2 – THE CLASSICAL PERIOD, BC TO AD COMPILED AND EDITED BY PHIL BARKER These lists are intended for use with . DBMM Army Lists: BC to AD Bk. 2 [Phil Barker] on *FREE* Author interviews, book reviews, editors picks, and more. Read it now.

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The rules are fantastic and once you know them, give the best ancients game around. My original DBM book cbmm is a lot older and has been used more than my MM book 2 which is falling apart, may just replace that. LOL… Aynsley… Funny how folks have a different opinion of you than you obok of yourself. DBMM captures the full flavor of ancient and medieval warfare, the rules integrate fortifications, and naval support, terrain, and weather. I’m mostly interested in book 3 and Baltic armies in book 4.

The army lists in the book pictured above by Arnold Hendrix was prepared, I believe, for his own rules. Phil’s biok book did have some army list and it was published in How would you convert DBMM lists into a ‘real-world’ format, with armour, morale and weaponry?

Drusilla I have never made personal negative comments about anyone or what they playand that sir is unsporting of you. Each of the 64 army lists details troop types and numbers to allow the wargamer to recreate realistic armies that bool reflect the composition of their real-life prototypes.

DBMM Player’s Handbook / DBM Army Lists Book 2 (Classical) Armies

Keep up the good fight, may DBM never die! I also have a copy of Mr Hendrix’s Ancient Warfare. Did you have any specific lists in mind as I can have a quick look for you and let you boko.

I’ve heard similar comments about the similarity between the 1st and 2nd editions from two gamers who have bought the new lists. I’m in the same situation. These actually have the army lists at the back of the rules, including Middle Earth lists. I know dgmm list someone is Lh s in there own home list but is only Lh o in others where they are acting as mercs.

Ashill I think someone is doing an errata of the changes, will try and find out and let you booj.

Not sure though that DBMM can withstand any more complexity did Phil also at last cut some fat out of other areas of the rules? Catavar, I just looked at Duncan’s list of book 3, he makes no mention of Burmese or early Tang so one assumes no changes. It made the old Bw S Samuri too powerful as they were “cheap” Irrg but shot just as well as massed disciplined Bow units.


Each of the 84 army lists details troop types and numbers to allow the wargamer to recreate realistic armies that faithfully reflect the composition of their real-life prototypes. The smaller group used for DBA3. Boook Drusilla says I’m sure some lists have become better with ‘excellent boom which not one single person has praised on the yahoo MM list but when people on the MM list themselves start calling changes ‘dubious’, with new troop types that aren’t cover in the rules no one is sure of how to treat the new Bw X with Bw I behindbasic misprints with the Roman general Sulla in AD not BC is a bit obvious, I never said they had many errors just as Duncan head himself says as well that they had errors, then again it must be because I’m a heretic where you get the MM view of the world us good everyone else bad.

They had quite a nice format, with four unit availibity categories: Sorry to say no mention of the pike being regular after The HYW English lost the Bw s in the main list it got moved to a before of after 13 something and some other minor Bw s numbers changed from boom per Kn something or the other way around, apart from some Bw s numbers etc. A must for competition games, DBMM Army Lists Book 4 also provides an invaluable general reference source for the troop types and organization of the armies of the period.

I believe “Tactical Ancient Armies” were the first serious ancient wargame’s army lists, published boook Milgamex infor WRG 5th edition armies. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page.

Books at On Military Matters

Joe, I think some people forget all we are doing is pushing little dollies around on a table, it’s not world breaking. Maverick, I didn’t notice the Scott’s common army the pike are still the same as the first MM list ie, they still become Reg.

Dbmmm main purpose of what Duncan is doing is to give the differences in the old lists, vs the newly released ones.

Maverick here’s a link to the MM yahoo page thread where Duncan Head who is a very knowledgeable and respected person in the ancient gaming community as well as the MM crowdis doing a list of errors and changes, only has book one done so far, haven’t read the errors and changes myself yet. At least they are back in print if anything needs replacing, as the print quality was not that great to begin with. That’s highly disappointing and I probably won’t be buying the new book then, greatly appreciated for checking Aynsley.


DBMM offers an unrivaled combination of realism and excitement for simulating ancient and medieval warfare using miniature figures in any scale from 2mm to 30mm. They are nigh on the same as the first MM army lists with some minor changes. Included in this edition for the first time is a selection of army lists to help new players get started quickly. It’s basically a reprint from what I can see.

The cover says for use with the rules BC to A. WRG’s red book was also published inboth in April, I wonder what the back-story was here. The book contained almost lists. It features sbmm rule refinements and now covers the period BC to AD.

DBM Army Lists Book 2 (Classical) Armies

Thanks aynsley I’ll check it out! The written paragraph looks the same but didn’t look through it closely. The result of extensive research, this revised and updated edition of Book 2 spans the classical period of warfare from BC to AD and covers armies from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

But you have instead used a “delayed” command and your command comes on your own side and you quick march up and take him on the flank. Created by Phil Barker, DBMM can be used to refight historical engagements or to generate your own scenarios from small-scale skirmishes to the largest battles of antiquity.

We all have different tastes but apparently with some you are not allowed to say if and why you don’t like something or even have an public opinion. The latest rules have differentiated the combat outcomes for irregular BwS and regular BwS.

I’m having an issue with Yahoo. Even you have to admit the list books still contain errors from the first editions? Not sure why it took so long in that is the case. At the time the only WRG army lists were the few in the purple primer. A must for competition games, DBMM Army Lists Book 2 also provides rbmm invaluable general reference source for the troop dvmm and organization of armies of the period.