A.J. said: I’m closing in on having read all the major atheist books in I am agnostic at best, but I don’t think I would like Dan Barker very much in real life. Dan Barker is the author of Godless ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ), Losing Faith in Faith ( avg rating, ratings, 36 quotes from Dan Barker: ‘Scientists do not join hands every Sunday and sing ” Yes gravity is real! I know gravity is real! I will have faith! I believe in my heart.

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Theology, in my mind, amounts to word games that make the otherwise completely nonsensical or illogical somehow seem deep and “nuanced” or “mysterious”. Meanwhile, I am barkwr grateful that there are people like Dan and Annie Barke Gaylor in the world! Jan 14, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: Part 4, “Life is Good!

He delights in describing how successful he was in selling Christianity and “saving souls”, and later how clever he became in debating against Christians.

Dan Barker

You must be rejecting your faith because: A lot of the book is the pretty typical “arguments for the nonexistance of God” stuff, but I thought the biographical section to be the most interesting.

Refresh and try again. I know gravity is real! Without deciding what you believe? Live your own life. This is that first book — rereleased by an actual publisher instead of FFRF itself. I didn’t end up finishing the book. Love is not blood and suffering. This is the part where he especially could have used a better editor. Actions speak louder than faith.


Dan Barker – Wikipedia

And he lists many things I never noticed but when I open my bible now, there they are, staring me in the face, almost laughing at how simple it is to show the illogic behind belief in this version of god. If life is eternal, then life is cheap. I do not wish to actually work through this suggestion for consistency but merely to point out that if I, a militant atheist, am not convinced then there is no way a barjer is going to capitulate.

You are full of pride and are putting yourself above God. Although some people have remained good friends, many tried to cope with the rejection of his faith and of their faith by saying the following kinds of things. To quote Barker, “We have suffered enough from the divisive malignancy of belief.

With studying, I became a born-again atheist, while my friend embraced fundamentalism. No matter, because he has written a fine book from this side of the fence instead.

He is a member of the Lenni Lenape Delaware Indian Tribe of Native Americans [10]and in edited and published Paradise Remembered[11] a collection of his grandfather’s stories as a Lenape boy in Indian Territory. It’s a long book that gets very dry in parts, but it also covers a lot of ground and addresses any issue that might come up in a debate as well as presenting many that I haven’t heard before.


You are an intelligent human being. Love is not hatred or wrath, consigning bzrker of people to eternal torture because they have offended your ego or disobeyed your rules.

All Quotes Add A Quote. View all 9 comments. One day, he woke up and something was different.

Dan Barker (Author of Godless)

Barker’s took him from fundamentalism to liberalism to atheism; from preacher to apostate. I would challenge anyone who has only had fellow believers lead them through the Bible to read this book. In summary, todless well written, interesting story that provides inspiration not found in the scriptures themselves. He lives in Madison, WI.

Oct 05, Jarkko Laine rated it liked it Shelves: I I wish more Christians would read this. Being a charismatic he knew about religious experience in a big way. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His coming out revealed his true friends. I wish more people would have the courage to ask questions and seek out a similar path baeker This was a phenomenal read.