The CV90 Armadillo heavy armored personnel carrier was developed by BAE Systems. This armored vehicle was revealed in It is based on the proven. CV infantry fighting vehicle of the CV90 armoured combat vehicle family In July , BAE Systems unveiled a new variant of CV90, called Armadillo. The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family brings extremely high levels of protection and flexibility in payload and battlefield utility to a new range of vehicles using.

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However by the Armadillo received no production orders. Having been heavily outnumbered by the Taliban forces, the Norwegians used mortars and, in particular, CV90s, to suppress the attack.


The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family

This technology calculates the vehicle’s speed and anticipates the terrain ahead, then pressurizes the suspension at independent points to lift the chassis and keep the vehicle level. Retrieved 25 January The vehicle Commander is stationed in the middle of the hull left side in the main vehicle compartment, which then extends to the hull rear.

This armour kit is intended to provide increased protection against Improvised explosive deviceexplosively formed penetrator and 30 mm caliber armour piercing rounds. The upgrade of the Norwegian CV90s was estimated to cost around 10 billion kr.


CV90 Armadillo –

The crew station design provides the gunner and commander with a continuous eye-on-target engagement feature do not need to remove head from eye-piece to see and operate equipment. A StrfC in Swedish service. Archived from the original on Top 10 Armored Personnel Carriers.

The CV’s basic armour provides all-round protection against From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Five prototypes were constructed but, before delivery inthe version was discontinued. The Swedish Army ordered five dv90 of the CV Later a version of the Armadillo was revealed, fitted with a superstructure, cv0 provides additional room for commander and troops, as well as additional space for equipment.

The CV90 is fitted with a nuclear, biological, and chemical NBC filtration system accompanied by a chemical detector and radiation detector systems.

Retrieved 9 October Production of the CV 90 began inand as of over arjadillo, vehicles had been ordered. Archived from the original on 14 June This superstructure with mission compartment is modular. Views Read Edit View history. The track suspension system has seen upgrades in several stages.

This offers a highly effective level of protection against a multitude of ATGM and weight saving alternative to bar cage armor. However, with increasingly more powerful diesel engines, the power-to-weight ratio has agmadillo approximately the same.


Developers claim that it withstands mine blasts with explosive weight in excess of 10 kg.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Archived from the original on 21 January The CV90 has undergone four mark shifts to meet different customer requirements, focused on capability enhancements. All-round protection is against 25 mm armor-piercing projectiles. Retrieved 10 October By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

CV90 Armadillo Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier |

The vast majority of the turrets delivered are fitted with 30mm or 35mm guns. As of the spring ofSweden operates nine Strf Cb90 in Afghanistan. Unveiled inthe Armadillo was delivered and trialled in Denmark during The CV90 export variants are fitted with a Hagglunds E-series turret, with more than E30 and E35 turrets delivered. A third crewman depending on vehicle variant is seated to the right of the Commander.

The operation left an unknown number of Taliban casualties, but Norwegian news sources say as many as 45 to 65 Taliban fighters may have been killed, and many more wounded.