Cushcraft X-7 product reviews by real people like you. I have owned 3 of these X7’s antennas, and they are by far one of the best triband antennas I have. Here I have some photos of how I converted two cushcraft Hf antennas into a Homebrewed version of the Cushcraft X7. Additional material was bought. X7 BIG THUNDER TRIBANDER YAGI The X7 Triband Yagi is geared to set new standards in both radiating performance and mechanical.

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Maximum Gain dBi 10M. I can imagine that this is the cause of some problems if you mount a used antenna with a downloaded manual from the internet. I would have liked to put up that at my Qth but not enough space to get that size up The input impedance of the antenna is ohms so a 4: There are 2 different versions of the X7 – I have two different installation guides!

This should be a first operation from Trinidad. Because my QTH is near salt water I did add liquid electrical tape around all of the balun’s internal electrical connections and sprayed the entire outside of the balun box with several coats of clear enamel to ensure that no water would get inside the enclosure. I was fortunate in that the antenna was delivered by the seller and had only been split into semi assembled sections.

Number of Elements per Band. Here the boom from both antennas are combined Their use of the log periodic cell for the driven element and losing the traps in the driven and reflector elements of the A-4 seems to me to have changed a good antenna into a exceptional high performance antenna. Being such a large antenna required a fair bit of space for assembly. My main focus is DX and contesting. Inside My Radio Room. Use mine on 12 and 17 with tuner and it goes great as well.


X7 Cushcraft – Radio Equipment: HF YAGI Antennas: Cushcraft X7

December 22, in: Take your time, measure everything twice, then measure it again. Small parts were protected cushceaft strong plastic bags. Cushraft does not give answer what their computer simulation shows on 6m, can I use it and what is the gain, directivity The highest SWR is on 17m 1. Information on my Radios. Wind Survival mph kph. This is what I enjoy doing in Ham radio.

Cushcraft X7

The SWR across 20, 15 and 10 meters is great and by using the log periodic cell driven element the antenna is useable with forward gain and with very acceptable SWR on the upper WARC bands cushcrat and 12 meters. Never had any problems of lack of parts during assembly despite the box having been damaged by UPS. It has made it through some bad summer storms and also very cold heavy and snow winters.

My antenna is installed at 52 feet on Rohn 45G tower. I convinced him the X7 is really good antenna and would get out of literally the Hole he is now living in. We did that with mine and found that it was good, all hardware was tight as it should be. We’ve had the Cushcraft X-7 at our club station for most of the past decade.

I followed instructions when installed. Just make sure to add the costs of a larger tower, heavier base and stronger rotator. As with any antenna project you will also want to x and re-tighten, if necessary, all of the SS clamps, bolts, etc. Traps are employed only in the lower current directors for increased gain and sharper pattern.


The Cushcraft design team got this one right. I sometimes use the ALB and no issues with or without high power.

Maximum Power Handling kw. We got full size elements on all bands ,all on an 18ft boom. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Brought it down and did total inspection.

Building The X7 Antenna

The end caps on main boom also looked cushcrfat. If you want flat SWR values across the band, then you will need to go with a full size 4 element monobander of your choice. I cushvraft put it up against any antenna in its class, including mono-banders. A Stormy New Year Celebration: Just as impressive is its mechanical robustness over many years in the face of the Chicago-area’s summer thunderstorms, especially given our location very near the shore of Lake Michigan, where high winds can sweep in unimpeded from the big lake.

Next Ham Radio Go Box. For a small pistol DX station or portable operations – this is a great unit for physical size, weight and build.

A has solid and tube fiberglass for sale Send Your Comments or just say Hi!!! I love this antenna! The difference is only to see in figure 5 from chapter 3 – “Element Assembly”.