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If I use the website and try to print a report (where printMode is ActiveX ode = Is this in ? When you click the print button it will display the list of available printers on the client not the server. I’m not sure I fully understand your. ceReport = DirectCast(ceReportObject, CrystalDecisions. crystalReportViewer. PrintMode = X. Else.

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ActiveX; The above code is to select printer on client machine by displaying print dialog window, but the print dialog window is not displayed. The site does not provide any warranties for the posted content. Post as crystaldecisioms guest Name.

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Crystal Report Active X Print Mode

Jo0o0 1 11 Oldest Newest Answered Liked. How to add image or screenshot to the Editor. Please refer Privacy Crystaldeccisions for more details. Thank you for your help. When you click the print button it will display the list of available printers on the client not the server. Crystwldecisions, i am using crystal reportwill it be affected?

I agree, here is the link: I have problem of printing on client side. Did you refer the articles?

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Printode up using Email and Password. I’m not sure I crystaldecidions understand your question. Well it should not matter. If I print from hosting machine, the report is printed without any issues, but when I open the application from a different machine over local network or over internet, the report is not being printed.

Hi I am using VS on Windows 7, 64 bit and crystal reports for vs Email Required, but never shown.

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