Crecimiento y reproducción del camarón Atya margaritacea (Decapoda: Atyidae) .. En este sentido el crecimiento alométrico ha sido reportado en crustáceos. Características evolutivas de nueva aparición. Los nuevos “diseños” surgen a partir de estructuras ya existentes. Estas novedades evolutivas. El tipo de crecimiento de las especies se determinó mediante un análisis de lo que hace suponer una tendencia hacia el crecimiento alométrico en A. similis.

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The lecithoexotrophic stage is a critical period in larval life due to competition for food and predation Balon ; Coughlin The pectoral fins are the first to appear but the last to obtain a full complement of rays Betti et al. Data for this character showed a great dispersion and a poor determination coefficient R 2 that was generated by the difference in the shape and length of the yolk sac among individuals.

Fish larvae, allometry, development, growth.

Por su parte, A. Paleontological statistic software package for education and data analysis. To improve the chance of survival, fish larvae apparently use their available energy crrecimiento the most important functions. Sparidae in rearing conditions. In our case, in order to prevent the effects of stress during preservation as well as the axial curvatures, the specimens were first anesthetised and then preserved in an appropriate position and solution.


Trombulak SC Allometry in biological systems. The trunk growth pattern observed in A. Contrarily, centroide size showed significant variation in organism collected in different zones. Transactions of the Kentucky Academy of Science Adults are usually collected at night at lights.

Anadara tuberculosaAnadara similisGeometric morphometric, Pacific coast of Colombia. Agradecemos especialmente al proyecto “Potencial productivo de las poblaciones naturales de la piangua Anadara tuberculosa y A. Thus, a rapid development of the head and digestive tract may be necessary for the larvae to be able to satisfy their need to feed on prey at this early stage of development.

White Grubs and Their Allies.

Journal of Applied Ichthyolgy 22 Suppl. Elsevier Academic Press, Amsterdam.

Ecosistemas y Recursos Agropecuarios

The most drastic morphological changes observed in A. A previous morphological study made it evident that a differential relative growth occurs in this species. Journal of Theoretical Biology The allometric growth in weight of Cuban gar from hatching to 18 DAH may be divided into two phases: Marcus LF ed Advances in Morphometries. Biological Journal of the Society, Chinese Journal of Ecology The other body heights preanal and postanalhowever, recorded an isometric growth Table 1.

Sciences Nat, Venette, France.

Fish Biology and Fisheries Kovac V Synchrony and heterochrony in ontogeny offish. Dynastes species have a two to three year life cycle.


Macroevolución by Sofia Lorda on Prezi

The X value where the slope changes is called the inflexion point. However, in our case, apart from the isometric growth alometrlco tail length, a negative allometry was recorded for the caudal peduncle depth, with the same inflexion point recorded for the paired fins. Positive allometric growth was observed in both the pectoral and pelvic fins during the early development of A.

Ontogenetic allometry can be used in fishery biology and aquaculture to evaluate the developmental plasticity of species Koumoundouros et al. Growth coefficients were compared statistically using a t-test. Also, the inactive behaviour of this species may explain the growth patterns observed for the trunk, tail and paired fins. Balon ed Early Life History of Fish. Elytra greenish-gray or black, mottled with dark spots in most species.

The results of the allometric analyses carried out on Cuban gar larvae for the paired and caudal fins, as well as for the growth of the trunk and cephalic region, make it possible to state the following: