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The Ruins of Empires has 90 ratings and 34 reviews. Owlseyes said: I’ve read the book some years ago: an amazing reflection on ancient civilizations. Ruins of Empire. Les Ruines, ou méditations sur les révolutions des empires ( ) by Constantin François Chasseboeuf, comte de Volney () is one . Or, Meditation on the Revolutions of Empires: Volney’s Answer to Dr. Priestley and a Biographical Notice by Count Daru. Prefaces; The Ruins of Empire.

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I can even distinguish by their led horses, by their kalpacks, and by their tufts of hair pthat they are Tartars; and without doubt those who pursue them in triangular hats and green uniforms are Muscovites. Two classes of tyrants arose: You subjugated nations, but you did not oppress them. O names, for ever glorious! Someone recommended this to me and I can’t remember who. The opulence of a commercial city is changed into hideous poverty.

The Ruins of Empires by Constantin-François Volney

I can see nothing more than that these insects seem to carry on a sort of mock battles; they advance, they approach towards each other, they attack, they pursue. In the mean time the inordinate desire of accumulation had excited a constant vvolney universal struggle among men, and this struggle, prompting individuals and societies to reciprocal invasions, occasioned perpetual commotions and successive revolutions.

I pictured to myself the Assyrian on the banks of the Tygris, the Chaldean on Edition: Ye conquerors, who pretend by your arms to serve God, what need has he of your aid?

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. They extort from men their property; they attack their persons; and when their imprudent avarice has heaped into one mass the riches of a province, the supreme government, with execrable perfidy, pretending to avenge the oppressed inhabitants, draws to itself their spoil in the spoil of the culprit, and wantonly and vainly expiate in blood the crime of which it was itself the accomplice.


To the tumultuous throng which crowded under these porticos, the solitude coun death has succeeded.

Where those husbandmen, those volnry, that picture of animated nature of which the earth seemed proud? Let man study these laws, let him understand his own nature, and the nature of the beings that surround him, and he will know the springs of his destiny, the causes of his evils, and the remedies to be applied. Struck with this contrasting picture of the same passions, and lamenting to myself their pernicious consequences, I was reflecting on the difficulty the common Judge would find in complying with such opposite demands, when the Genius, from off impulse of anger, vehemently exclaimed:.

Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney

Chapter XIII goes this way: You eat pork, you drink wine, you touch things that are unclean: View all 31 comments. By these impressions, sometimes led to avoid what is offensive to his senses, and sometimes attracted towards the objects that soothe and gratify them, man has been necessitated coujt love and preserve his existence. I will dwell in solitude amidst the ruins of cities: Listen, said he to me, and observe.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. As the produce was greater than the consumption, the desire of commerce started up, and exchanges were made between different nations, which were an additional stimulus to Edition: Ever hear of Walt Whitman?

Always euins victim of the sensation of the moment, it judges not of things by their nature but by the impulse of passion. The rich, that vilney measure of enjoyment is limited by the constitution of the organs, and that lassitude follows satiety:.


It was there that a people, since forgotten, discovered the elements of science and art, at a time when all other men were barbarous, and that a lf, now regarded as the refuse of society, because their hair is woolly, and their vopney is dark, explored among the phenomena of nature, those civil and religious systems which have since held mankind in awe. Each man laboured separately and for himself: Is it you who fertilize the earth, that you dissipate its fruits?

Topics include the Laws of Nature and how we should live our lives accordingly, the foundations of religion, enlightened society, etc. The Chinese, subjected to an insolent despotism zdependent for their fortune upon the decision of lots, and held in awe by strokes of the bamboo, enslaved by the immutability of their code, and by the irremediable vice of their language, offer to my view an abortive civilization and a race of automata. Sometimes, fearing these very subjects, they call to their aid and keep in pay foreign troops, and to be sure of them, they indulge them in every kind of robbery.

The Not enough information to determine if this edition is a reprint of the translation by Thomas Jefferson and Joel Barlow. I will enquire of the monuments of antiquity, what was the wisdom of former ages: And you, credulous men, shew me the efficacy of your practices!