The heroic exploits of “sysadmins” — systems administrators — as they defend the cyber-world, and hence the world at large, from worms and bioweapons. When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth [Cory Doctorow] on *FREE* The heroic exploits of sysadmins — systems administrators — as they defend the . When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth – Kindle edition by Cory Doctorow. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.

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En fin, l Es la primera obra que leo de Doctorow, como alguien que pasa el Parece como que al autor no le interesaba lo que iban a hacer los personajes para intentar sobrevivir en ese doctodow.

Of course they went back. With his wife and newborn son gone, Felix is one of the surviving tech geeks responsible for maintaining the Internet—now a vital resource in the post-apocalyptic scenario—though it tasks their survival instincts when supplies starts to run low. But it gives me a renewed confidence in my work to know that someone of your caliber is interested. Rosa shook her head.

Too short; it would have been interesting to explore the post-apocalyptic world more. May 18, Georgiana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Creative Commons Science-Fiction Many science-fiction writers are releasing part of their works under a Creative Commons license. The only ones left or so we think throughout is separate groups of System Admins gathered around the world. Eartb the apocalypse is no joke. I think that the thing that bothers me most about this story is how plausible it all is.


He has a steady job with a wife and a kid. I am those geeks.

I would definitely read a sequel. Something is better than nothing. Security and vulnerability announcements. I think it could have used an editorial shakedown to clean up these annoyances, and to boost up its strengths which I think come at the very end when the eath character muses about what the point of civilization is.

When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth

Lots of them are also designed to withstand a nuclear attack. Feb 18, Isaac VR rated it really liked it. Good little post-apocalyptic short story.

Sep 13, Mark Smart rated it it was amazing. Download Open Source Puppet. Feb 05, Dann Todd rated it it was ok.

People complain about some of the plot points which seem farfetchedwhich I don’t disagree with, though I think part of it is just the way he introduces them without suggesting that there might be a reasonable basis. Jan 11, Maria rated tge liked it Shelves: Add to a list. That said, it’s one of my favorites of his although none of the rest come close to Printcrime: All we got now is a facebook nation and a lousy web 2.

And if you couldn’t restart the program or reboot the server remotely, driving eartg fast as possible to your work to try it on site in a noisome serverroom. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Would have to be planned in the open too, making a open sourced new plan-spec of the new internet. We’ll share your contribution here on the blog. This is the angle the story takes. Here’s a brief excerpt; for context, you need to know that sysadmins Felix and Van have left their data center to see what’s left of their city:.


Apr 03, John rated it really liked it. He could stay in the data center and weep over his losses. Read as part of the Wastelands collection of short stories. Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. The story didn’t really speak to me all that much, with characters who were just a little too cartoony and arguments over conflicts I couldn’t bring myself to care that much about. Other books in the series.

When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth, by Cory Doctorow | Hacker News

You are commenting using your WordPress. Hhe concept was nice, but the execution was really horrible. This is the first story I’ve read by Doctorow and the another good thing is it is freely available from feedbooks. Oct 14, Eternalaeon rated it did not like it. Quotes from When Sysadmins Ru This one hits a little too close to home. Not that we can prevent the unpredictable, but too much of todays internet requires constant maintenance, we have the web 2.

Published on 7 February by. The other stuff I have read of his I have liked much better. Even I know better. Jan 19, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: