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Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at Contax T3 Film Camera User Manual. Bass. INTAY. Instruction manual • Bedienungsanleitung Contax T3 has been designed according to the basic The Contax T3 is a 35mm lens-shutter. Free instruction manuals and owners manuals in pdf for your products Film cameras Contax-T3.

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Unfortunately, this is all a bit limiting. I think perhaps the Minolta TC-1 has spoiled me somewhat in this regard; its mode wheel and forefinger driven mode value selector just seems so logical and quick to use. As you might have guessed, I have mine set to lock permanently.

To access custom functions, the camera needs instructon be switched off. In short, if you can find a comfortable distance to lock the lens in manual focus it can be a very fast camera to shoot with.

And actually, when I add them all together, there are very few cameras that fit the bill… If any…. I just got a T3 a couple of days ago.

I turn it on in the morning, I do my job on it for hrs a day in the same way as I have been since the day I got it mxnual of the box. Reply Hamish Gill June 19, at To switch to aperture priority mode the little button in manuwl middle of the dial has to be depressed.

What these numbers mean really is as follows. The bulb is totally overexposed and the rest of the room is slightly overexposed. The Contax T3 deals with this frustration by halving the minimum focusing distance to 35cm, which really is quite an improvement.

Reply Cody Priebe August 30, at 9: Reply Adam September 20, at 6: The area it meters from is plenty small enough to be pointed around the frame to get an idea of best exposure before taking the shot. Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations. However the custom functions of the T3 like on my G2 I used to own provide the level of customisability that takes it to a step above with the control over the exposure and flash etc.


Such a great little camera. Reply Stefano June 19, at 7: It is definitely my choice for a carry everywhere camera. Thanks Hamish, I got plenty of photos on my blog: Reply Hamish Gill August 30, at 9: Largely speaking cameras are cumbersome things that hang off you with little regard for your comfort.

The former being more useful for LT shooting and the latter I suppose better suited to the old trick of setting the camera on a tripod and jumping into the photo. By means of example, around the time I started making notes for this post, just after I bought the camera, we went out to the cinema one evening. With the seven custom functions I can set it to work just how I like it for day to day shooting.

This catches me out every single time. Now next time the camera is turned off then on again, that will be the mode that remains. Ko-Fi allows one off donations Thanks in advance!

Contax T3 Camera

In terms of size, the Contax T3 lnstruction up very well. That said, the build instructiom definitely feels nicer than the Ricoh. Not having this on the AF-L function is a minor quibble, but I do think it would round off the manual focus functionality of the camera nicely.

I locked focus on Connie, took a reading off the sofa behind her, outside of the frame, locked it in with a half press, reframed and shot.

The Contax T3 – A regular companion – 35mmc

At the moment of writing this I have it set to after full press. If this is a feature you think you might use a lot, then the Fuji Klasse is probably a better choice since it has the advantage of a threaded hole for a shutter release.


The Contax T3 thankfully retains this function. I failed to find the user manual and was only using a partial amount of the functions.

Due to the movement of the lens, having it move after full press does slightly increase the impression of shutter lag. The Ricoh FF and Nikon AF3 both solve the flash problem, but are too big… And none of these point and shoot cameras really do all the things I like to have on tap.

So is it really a center weighted meter? These are the self timer and manual shutter speed selection.

Reply Ricardo June 20, at Reply Hamish Gill October 22, at This is especially helped by the fact the screen on the top shows the distance the camera is locked to. But for me, I like the idea that it effectively brings msnual manual focus function out of the clumsy menu.

None separate focus from metering for a start. Glad to be of service Cody! It has scratched the itch I wanted it insyruction. Once focus is locked, you can then point the camera at whatever you want to meter from, half press the shutter to lock the meter reading in, reframe and shoot. I suspect, with due respect to my fellow camera reviewers, this is something taken from some marketing drivel somewhere that has gained weight as something positive.

Reply Hamish Gill September 20, at 2: