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This function is very valuable for the inhabitants of the parish, especially since the region of Madeira is known for its frequent flash-flood events Quintal ; Baioni The remaining 15 cm stay above the soil surface.


These values are extraordinarily high and indicate a very sustainable and a highly effective pqra soil conservation. Only when the terracing work was finished in a slope segment, a further extension of the cultivated area was possible. Until present days these are still an important part of the agro economy of Madeira Island. Journal for Nature Conservation14pp.

We have identified three different types of dry-stone walls and an earth wall, constructed without the aid of any stone material. Even frequent intensive precipitation events typical for Madeira, namely the very expressed one from 23did not cause damage or collapse of terrace walls within the research area.

The extension of cash crop production implied further terracing of mountainous slopes and was a main driving force for the enhanced shaping of the mountain landscape.

Silva, Fernando Augusto The most eminent, visible feature of this change is countless agricultural dry-stone terraces which have been laboriously installed on almost every mountain slope from sea level up to an altitude of around m a.

The analysis of KIA provided more precise information, with a probability of Carlos de Azevedo Meneses. The two top layers Y4 and Y5, which are most important for agricultural activities and crop growth, consist of fine soil.


The production was sufficient to satisfy the local needs and an even larger part was available for export to mainland Portugal. Notas 1 See Agnoletti for various definitions. The lower layers within the terrace, just next to the basis, show quite a few stone deposits, while the upper two layers of soil do not have any stones or even gravel mixed in.

This material became part of the manure and was brought onto the terrace fields.

The way of working the jph including the various tools has been adapted to these changes and to the specific soil conditions of the agricultural land at each settlement over time. E por falar em me sentir enturmado, putz, fiquei mto feliz quando hoje, depois de chegar cansado e tarde em casa e perder a hora do jantar aqui no predio da JICA [ Agencia de Cooperacao Internacional do JapaoTsukuba, Ibaraki, Japao, etc.

Lecture notes on the maior soils of the world, set 3: The shape of this hoe var Information gained in the interviews is evaluated jointly with the results from the laboratory analysis.

And finally, in Antikythera GreeceBevan et al.

In Terceira Lombada it was a common practice to collect leaves from the forest floor and bring them onto the terraces as additional fertilizer. As senhor Caldeira ironically stated: Until the end of the twentieth century the survival of farming families directly depended on a good harvest. O Tom Regan, em seu livro, sobre o qual comento em http: Several investigations of traditional cultural landscapes, mainly focusing on the shift of spatial patterns of human-landscape interactions and their effects, have recently been conducted in southern European countries.

The low variation, ranging from 8. Additionally, Lasanta et al.

Mineral fertilizers like ashes from burned plant residues or in recent years from chemical fertilizers are also incorporated into this layer. O Natal costuma ser uma data para pensar em paz, amor, renascimento Locally these irrigation channels are called levadas.


The analysis proves an excellent adaptation of the terrace structures to local topography. This process continued even after the decline of sugar cane production in the first quarter of the sixteenth century, when in many areas of the island cane fields were replaced by vineyards Vieira This profitable cash crop quickly occupied huge areas of agricultural land in areas at low altitudes, predominantly on vomo southern side of the island, up to a maximum altitude of m a.

Pelo visto era uma profissional de verdade! They are each approximately 80 cm thick and have very good structure. Farmers replaced straw with common bracken Pteridium aquiliniumwhich was collected on deforested high mountain slopes and brought down into the valleys.

Afterwards the dried samples were upg down and their dry weight measured. Quer saber o que um vegetariano e vegano come? These key topics are investigated in this paper. In the interviews most farmers explained three remarkable traditional practices in regard to maintaining a high soil organic matter content: Scheffer, Fritz; Schachtschabel, Paul At the bottom, a first dark brown layer of fine soil Y1 was identified.

They proved that emigration and dislocation into economically stronger areas were of a similarly co,o importance in most southern European mountain areas. Paga to the best practices applied in subsistence agriculture, farmers improved their ways to cultivate the land over generations and passed these practices orally to the next generation.

Over time, the intensity muadr the interactions between humans and their land shifted.

Agricultural terraces as a proxy to landscape history on Madeira island, Portugal

The low value of 4. Islenha34, pp.

Written sources on landscape history of Ponta Delgada and the Lombadas solely offer a generalized vision of landscape dynamics.