Luis Manuel Tapia was a high-powered leader of one of Ventura County’s largest and deadliest gangs—the Colonia Chiques. He was often. Invoking a strategy common in Los Angeles, the injunction bars 1, Colonia Chiques gang members from publicly hanging out together. A year-old Oxnard man has become the first member of the Colonia Chiques gang to be sentenced under a controversial court order.

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State and Federal funding may support these projects.

Some of the job training programs have been successful in helping people to lead more productive lives. La Colonia is one of Oxnard’s oldest neighborhoods.

How Oxnard deals with street gangs

There is a criminal element that constitutes the gang, Bill, that’s true. January 31, 7: Violators face jail sentences and fines. February 2, And with this gang injunction, do you guys really think I’m going to get off parole successfully? It has the second lowest per capita income and high crime by County standards. Lemonwood Chiques started in Join our mailing list and get updates and other cool stuff. Numerous ones were previously terminated when people were no longer believed to meet the criteria.

There are an estimated 1, gangs operating throughout Ventura, L. Jul 12, Imported 0. While it is extremely difficult and dangerous to leave a gang or even attempt to separate oneself from the organization, some manage to do so. In his ruling, Bysshe ordered that a person must meet two or more of the following criteria to be identified as a gang member:.

Oxnard streets are getting safer |VC Reporter | Southland Publishing

That year, gun use became widespread, and the murder rate spiked to 15 per year from a decade-long average of 2. Many others, however, find themselves pulled back into the fold at one level or another.


Nevertheless, after a police department storefront opened despite attempted arson, members of the community felt driven to return order to their neighborhood. The gang injunctions civil lawsuits against gangs and their members were issued in and as a way to mitigate crimes committed by two area gangs — the Colonia Chiques and Southside Chiques, who are believed to be responsible for more than 3, crimes in the city.

He was found hiding in a nearby house after running from the scene, Wold said. February 1, 7: Ina group of men and women listening to outdoor music were tear gassed and brutally arrested, leading to greater apprehension within the community to deal with the authorities. Authorities have said repeatedly that a spike in gang violence over the last year and a half — with 14 homicides attributed to the Chiques — prompted the injunction and the need for a crackdown.

Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death.

After the first action was filed against the Colonia Chiques, no gang violence was reported in Oxnard for two months. Vhiques appreciate you coming on. The injunction list will now be assessed annually, said Sgt. January 5, The injunction proved to be an effective tool against Oxnard’s biggest and most dangerous gangs as the number of murders in the area fell from 22 in to 18 in So when a particular clique grows weak, rivals or new cliques emerge to fill the power vacuum.

Do you have a clubhouse, anything like that? Lally recently tried a case in which there were witnesses to two separate murders. So come on, I mean, you are trying to gahg me that you guys are Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm out there or what? Particularly hard-hit has been Oxnard, which became recognized as having the most active gang members throughout Ventura County.


Bysshe stated that police officers would be required to follow detailed criteria to establish the identities of Chiques members before acting against any individual.

Do you have a little sign or anything like that? That left approximately gang members in the Colonia injunction and 66 in the Southside injunction. Prosecutors on gang cases can appreciate that. We are committed to work with our partners in the community and in our justice system in prevention and early intervention strategies, however we also taken an oath to uphold the laws of our community, our State and our Nation.

But the police patrol, looking for warning signs or perpetrators actually in the act, as well as respond to crime reports, tips, undercover information and various other intelligence activities.

I injunctiob involved in it for two reasons. The suspicious death of two Mexican immigrants in in an Oxnard jail that mysteriously caught fire brought tensions to a high between the labor force and the authorities.

The first Oxnard gang injunction was issued imjunctioncontaining the prohibitions mentioned in the applicable California Penal Code As time went on, most of the founders and original members of the Eastside Classics were incarcerated, and the core group developed a schism that led to its dissolution.

The resources and clonia area of operation allow them to share resources, information and go after larger criminal organizations more widely dispersed. Because right now I’m a target.