Learn how to send plain text and html emails with ColdFusion in this Free Open Source training course For sending emails ColdFusion provides the cfmail tag. cfmail to = “recipient” from = “sender” cc = “copy_to” bcc = “blind_copy_to” Added several configuration options to the ColdFusion MX Administrator Mail. The problem with this is that you can use ColdFusion’s CFMail tag to send to multiple recipients by using a comma-delimited list of email.

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A value here overrides the Administrator. Overrides the ColdFusion Administrator Spool mail messages to disk for delivery setting. If there are no white space characters, inserts a line break at the specified position. Use this attribute to send more than one message, or to send query results within a message. Note that in this example, the contents of the CFMAIL tag are not dynamic, that is, they don’t use any delimited dynamic parameters.

What you then need is an HTML email. Like the to attribute, specify a valid email address:. A value that includes a port specification overrides the port attribute.

The cfmail tag does not make copies of attachments when spooling mail to disk. Guust Nieuwenhuis is a Senior Analyst Developer specialised in web technologies. The tag has three required attributes:.

cffmail EMailAddress ” This attribute does not have to be a valid internet address; it can be any text string. If you send a multi-part mail message, all message content must be in cfmailpart tags; ColdFusion ignores multipart message text text that is not in cfmailpart tags. The text within the CFOUTPUT is repeated for each row in the “ProductRequests” query, while the text above and below it serve as the header and footer respectively for the mail message.


Requires a password attribute.

cfmail Code Examples and CFML Documentation

Query column to use when you group sets of records to send as a message. Alternatively, you can change the encoding on the Cfmaill page in the ColdFusion Administrator.

Alias of the key with which the certificate and private key are stored in the keystore. Add the type attribute to your cfmail tag and give it the value “html”. A static string; for example, ” support mex. Granted what I found was frombut I can’t find anything later saying that this can be done. When you specify multiple mail servers in ColdFusion Enterprise, ColdFusion tries the available servers in the order they are listed until it connects to a server.

Email Required, but never shown. For each server, you can optionally specify a username, password, and port.

SMTP server address, or Enterprise edition only a comma-delimited list of server addresses, to use for sending messages. A password to send to SMTP servers that require authentication.

Samples uses of CFMAIL

Mail messages can be single or multipart. When he still has some time left, he mainly spends it behind his computer to fulfil his hunger for the latest trends in IT. This cfmaill by design.

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ColdFusion does not try to connect to a server that was unavailable in the last 60 seconds. An e-mail message is sent for each returned row. If you specify multiple mail servers in ColdFusion Standard, the cfmail tag uses only the first server in the specification. Disabling spooling causes the e-mail to be delivered immediately. A user cfmaill to send to SMTP servers that require authentication. This won’t work, i.

Shawn Holmes 3, 16 The MIME media type of the part. The ccfmail way to make sure that the recipient of your email will receive the right version for his email client codlfusion to send both a text and an HTML version of the email. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

For example, ” support macromedia. If there are no white space characters, inserts a line break at the specified position. Cfmaail following list includes commonly used values:.