ColdFusion 8 allows us to merge any number of PDFs, whether from files So let’s look at a simple example: cfdocument name=”pdf1″. coldfused cfdocument hotfix for coldfusion 8 released. Sat, 27 Oct GMT coldfused cfdocument hotfix for coldfusion pdf -. Refer to the kb doc. coldfused enhancements to cfdocument in coldfusion 8. Sun, 28 Oct GMT coldfused enhancements to cfdocument in pdf – PDF name: When a.

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Because under the hood CF uses iText classes to do it’s formatting. FO – with CF I usually just generate the output directly.

“localURL” attribute added to cfdocument in ColdFusion 8 | chapter31

Blog provided and hosted by CF Webtools. A slow server at the other end of a cfhttp request even your own server could cause a hanging thread while Cfdocument waits for the contents of that file. The only exceptions are fonts. Combined with username to form a base64 encoded string that is passed in the Authenticate header. Specifies the submitted format of a PDF form. Because the rendering engine doesn’t have to run calculations to determine the width of a table or div tag.

What’s the width of the next cell? It’s at least 5 times quicker to display the PNG. These resources have to be gathered by Cfdocument and embeded into the document. Then we started experimenting with everything. Well it’s and I was having this same problem – using MX7 – looks like CF8 has better performance, but we’re not there yet.


ColdFusion Muse: Cfdocument and Performance

As a developer you are not privy to this behind the scenes calculation. Use this option cfdoccument reduce the size of the HTML output so that it fits on that paper. I save the chart as a. It has a finite set of boundaries. This scope contains the following variables: With fonts you coldfuusion choose to embed them or not embed them. But Cfdocument has to play both client and server.

It has lead us down an interesting path which resulted in the finding that PNGs are the go! Password required to open a password-protected document.

Page type into which ColdFusion generates the report: If they match, the PDF will display correctly. You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure. Try using absolute values for width and height attributes.

I setup a FTP Take the example of an image embedded in a document. Cfdocument is a new weapon in the Coldfusion arsenal. You might simply convert this to an absolute path as in: Keep those questions coming. The browser must first determine the width of the container object, which might be a document, table, div tag etc.

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Others came up with clever ways of dictating sizing to the image like embedding it in a table cell as a background image so that the cell properties would dicate size, as in this example: Specifies whether bookmarks are created in the document: The first release of CF 7 pre-Merrimack had a significant bug when trying to render an image.


Check out the documentation on cfpdf in CF 9 help.

If you notice that the header text is cropped in the cfdocument tag output, increase the value of the marginTop attribute. You can see how taking the process of determining widths out of the equation would benefit the processing speed. Also, in some applications, the browser displays a Red X image error instead of the image in the browser.

The restricted permissions are specified using the permissions attribute. Why is this happening? In-memory files speed processing of transient data.


The following example shows how to specify bookmarks for document sections: Serializing the contents of the file and placing it into the PDF file – I coldfksion know, but the file system could be involved here as well. It is so by design in the cfdocument as well as in the cfpdf tag.

Right margin in inches default or centimeters. Hey Mark, Your entry on Cfdocument and Performance was excellent and really got us thinking. Set margins that make sense. Now consider, in the cfdocu,ent above, how does CF knows where the file is? I suck at XSL too. If you could be a bug in your computer Our discovery of using PNGs reduces the problem. Used to identify the request client software.