The technique of chromosome microdissection and microcloning has been developed for more than 20 years. As a bridge between cytogenetics and molecular. Microdissection of the A h01 chromosome in upland cotton and microcloning of resistance gene anologs from the single chromosome. The aim of this paper is to review the different techniques available for chromosome microdissection and microcloning, and their use for the.

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Chromosome microdissection – Wikipedia

They reported that the single cell E. It was the first case that this method was used on plant chromosomes. Am J Hum Genet. Isolation and characterization of chromosome-specific DNA sequences from a chromosome arm genomic library of common wheat. To study the behavior of ,icrocloning conferring drug resistance of cancer lines, Mahjoubi et al.

The DOP-PCR technique, which is rapid, efficient, and species-independent, is designed to amplify target DNAs at frequently occurring priming sites using the primer of partially degenerate sequence, without restrictions imposed by the complexity or the origin of DNA. Please review our privacy policy. Flow cytometry, while successful in isolating some of the micgodissection chromosomes was clearly limited in its sensitivity for isolating the smaller ones.

Journal List Curr Genomics v. Views Read Edit View history. The probes usually generate from the clones of cosmid library, yeast artificial chromosome YAC and bacterial artificial chromosome BAC.


The generation of a regionally specific genomic library is one approach to obtain regionally defined expressed sequences. Microdissection and cloning of DNA from a specific region of Drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes.

In situ hybridization with a DNA probe from a specific microdissected chromosome arm of common wheat.

Next, the cells are dropped onto a microscope slide so that the nucleus, which holds all of the genetic material together, breaks apart and releases the chromosomes onto the slide. Isolating the sequences from human chromosomal regions associated with specific genetic diseases or cancers to understand microdidsection related genes is the prevalent approach in latest clinical research. Sci China, C, Life Sci. Microdissection and microcloning from the short arm of human chromosome microdsisection.

Sequencing genomes from single cells by polymerase cloning. Several methods to isolate chromosome specific and chromosome region specific expressed sequences had been developed, mainly including 1 restriction enzyme mapping of CpG islands [ 4 ]; 2 microdissectioj trapping [ 61341 ]; 3 direct selection; 4 Hybrid selection and 5 Microdissection-mediated cDNA capture.

However, the dataset is huge and highly redundant, and it is difficult to identify the chromosome specific ESTs from cDNA libraries. Telomeric sequences derived from laser-microdissected polytene chromosomes. The earliest chromosome microcloning microdisscetion 61 ] was a kind of direct cloning of the dissected chromosomal material in a nanoliter microdrop contained in an oil chamber.

microdissectionn Moreover, a new method of generating ESTs of specific chromosomes developed by our lab is introduced. Construction and characterization of a region-specific microdissection library from human chromosome 2qq PCR in situ followed by microdissection allows whole chromosome painting probes to be made from single microdissection chromosomes.

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Characterization of a library from a single microdissected oat Avena sativa L.

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Chromosome microdissection is a specialized way of isolating these regions by removing the DNA from the band and making that DNA available for further study.

Combined with chromosome walking, chromosome region-specific physical map can be constructed by using chromosomes or chromosome fragments library to select cosmid library yeast artificial chromosome YAC and bacterial artificial chromosome BAC.

Using this method, Chen and Arm-strong constructed a single chromosome less than 0. Microclobing DNA clones are also the source of chromosome painting probes, particularly in the research of human genome.

Microdissection and microcloning of plant chromosomes. Today, it becomes a practicality with extensive uses. They are microdisswction to identify each chromosome based on its unique pattern of dark and light bands. Imcrocloning, no specific paintings of chromosomes were observed. However, at that time, studies were mainly focusing on some chromosomes that are easily identifiable by their configuration, such as the X chromosome of mouse [ 5 ] and chromosome 2 of human [ 3 ].