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Her position was ultra-reactionary and fundamentalist even in orthodox Catholic terms. In a rational and secular age it is important that polemicists such as Hitchens go to the trouble of highlighting the deficiencies excused, or simply unseen, which taint the endeavours of faithful people who would otherwise claim undue credit. From the overly catty title to the confused layout, the book is frustrating when it should be enlightening and only works for about fifteen pages in the middle when substance is finally allowed to triumph over style.

Those fi This is an ambitious attempt at iconoclasm from a world-class iconoclast that is absolutely undone by the author’s style of writing. When the city of San Francisco donated a fully furnished shelter to her for a shelter for homeless men who had AIDS she promptly had all the couchs, beds and televisions thrown out insuring that the dying would live as comfortless as possible.

Since poverty was also considered a virtue, little of that money could be spent either on the order or on the patients. I do not despise her, but always thought her a bit too overtly pious and media hungry.

Of course this was only the case where politics didn’t involve moral issues, hitchenns she didn’t hesitate to give her blessings to demagogues who shilled her line.

Hitchens’s aim is clear. Rough hands wrenched heads into position for feeding.

La posizione della missionaria

The best part were the depositions of the volunteers, in the middle of the book. I say this not because I think it makes me any better than the next guy, but only because I want to pre-empt at the outset one criticism that has appeared in many other reviews: Nandakishore Varma Let us stop this.


And this, from a figure who expressly declared her aversion to transactions with the rich; who rejected materialism explicitly, even to a fault.

Food was prepared on the floor in the corridor. If these are our concerns, then the evidence Hitchens presents is damning.

La posizione della missionaria : Christopher Hitchens :

Hitchens main point is that the good Mother Theresa did for the world were means to the end of promoting a specific and retrograde worldview, “to propagandize one highly subjective view of human nature and need, so that she may one day be counted as a beatific founder of a new order and discipline within the Church itself.

I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a Hitchens title without broadening my cultural perspective a bit, and without learning a new word or two, as often as not some archaic Anglo-Saxonism–case in point, “pelf”, meaning misxionaria, from the same root as “pilfer”.

There are many rascals that this saint has endorsed: I think that Catholics shouldn’t read this book, they would never believe it and I don’t think that it would open their eyes.

Despite the pure shock power of the title, Hitchens’ originally preferred title may have been more appropriate, The Sacred Cow. Lists with This Book. And I thought what is this?

The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

We will discover Mother Teresa keeping company with several other frauds, crooks and exploiters as this little tale unfolds. Perhaps we need to choose our saints a little more carefully.

Surely any respectable Catholic cringes with shame at the obviousness of the della. If Mother Teresa is the adored object of many credulous and uncritical observers, then the blame is not hers, or hers alone. They had bulk of money but they wouldn’t spend on poor or even improve the facility.


Lone self-sacrificing zealot, or chair of a missionary dellla The results were brutal, leaving no room for prisoners. While she devoted her life to helping the poor, her goal was conversion rather than actually improving the lives of the poor.

She stumped against abortion at every opportunity, calling it a “threat to The Missionary Position: Where has all the money gone from the donations? In doing so, he assumes that the reader knows quite a bit about Mother Theresa and the Catholic Christo;her already, and disdains them both.

Hitch, a neo-atheist, became a crusader against ‘clerical and theocratical bullying’. As Hitchens argues, a shallow, almost sinister, duplicity underlies her life and legacy. The conditions under which the inmates of her hospices subsist may have been admirable in the 19th Century but are dreadfully short of satisfactory today–and this despite tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars of donations that goes unspent, just piling up in the bank.

Jan 23, Marissa Morrison rated it it was amazing Shelves: He demonstrates quite well that Mother Teresa was the consummate hypocrite when it came to pretty much everything other than abortion and contraception. The Missionary Sisters were yitchens bad people. In these hospices the attendants are not to question their roles — they are part of the Mother Teresa cult. I’m a fan of Christopher Hitchens and view his death as a serious loss to the intellectual world.

Now I’m curious to hear her opinions about it! And I asked one of them why she was doing it and she said “Well to clean it. One can only observe the obvious: In this brief but powerful book, Christophfr lays out his case against Mother Teresa.