CHRISTIAN LEADERS. OF ENGLAND. In the Eighteenth Century. BY. JOHN CHARLES RYLE, D.D.. (First Bishop of Liverpool, ). Jiuthor of. J C Ryle’s classic book traces the lives of the eleven Christian leaders who ‘ shook England from one end to another’. Christian Leaders of the Last Century (18th). by. J. C. Ryle () It is a fact that no British preacher of the last century kept together in one district such.

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If we dwell in Christ, and Christ in us, which He will not do unless we be regenerate, certainly we must be sensible of it. He had always enjoyed wonderful health, and never hardly knew what it was to centurg weariness or pain till he was eighty-two.

The consequence is, that a vast quantity of interesting matter, which the Church of Christ would like to know, lies buried with him in his grave. It had its ebbs and flows, no doubt, and rose on several occasions to the spring-tide of revivals; but at no time did his ministry appear to be without immense and unparalleled results.

The consequence, as chfistian be expected, was an enormous amount of popularity. If it be so, I am sure I must be the grandfather of it, and I need not say that I had rather any of my sons should be so dignified and distinguished than have the title His Holiness.

He was never likely, afterwards, to forget St. I have now probably told the reader enough to give him a general idea of John Vy life and history. It is probably taken from the picture of him, which Lady Huntingdon sent an artist to take at the very end of his life.

That Wesley would have done better if he could have leadwrs off his Armininianisin, I have not the least doubt; but that he preached the gospel, honoured Christ, and did extensive good, I no more doubt than I doubt my own existence. He had no Boswell near him to chronicle the details of his long and laborious life, and to present him to us as he appeared at home.

According to Charles of Bala, and many other unexceptionable witnesses, it seemed just as attractive and effective when he was seventy years old as it was when he was fifty. I am not tired of work, but in it. The singularly touching and melting manner in which he repeated the- words, “By thine agony and moody sweat, good Lord, deliver us,” so much affected the whole congregation, that almost all began to weep loudly, and an awakening of spiritual life commenced which extended throughout the neighbourhood.


Sometimes he was denounced by bishops as an enthusiast, a fanatic, and a sower of dissent.

Christian Leaders of the 18th Century: J.C. Ryle | Christ Centred

At a somewhat later period they were joined by Mr. He was to all appearance always working, and never at rest. What saith the Scripture? If Wesley did nothing in Georgia, he certainly gained a great deal. According to his promise he went over and preached at Ystradffin, and his very first sermon there was wonderfully blessed.

But he did not yet dyle up Christ crucified in all his fulness, as a refuge, a physician, a redeemer, and a friend; and hence, though many were wounded, they were not healed.

Wise men know well that sermons, which are excellent to listen to, are just the sermons which do not “read” well.

The Christian leaders of England in the eighteenth century

I can quite believe this. Warnings, counsels, encouragements, consolations suited to professing Christians, are continually appearing in all his discourses. The man of “one thing” is the man who in the long run does great centuury, and shakes the world. Wesley may have had, they were buried and swallowed up in the fiercest and most absurd passion of jealousy. Indeed the rle of God dwelt richly in him. An old inhabitant of the parish, now eighty-five years of age, says: Yea, he is acquainted with all thy temptations, because he was in all things tempted as thou art.

He has given me all lf eight children; let the house go, I am rich enough. When I add to this, that the eight sermons extant appear to be poorly translated, the reader will have some idea of the difficulties I have to contend with. Jones stopped in his sermon and offered a special prayer for him, that God would touch his heart, and make him an instrument for turning souls from darkness to light This prayer is said to have had an immense effect on Rowlands, and he is reported to have been tje different man from that day.


The people on these occasions would go together in companies, like the Jews going up to the temple feast in Jerusalem, and would return home afterwards singing hymns and psalms on their journey, caring nothing for fatigue. Fervent and deep feeling was the last characteristic, which I mark in Rowlands.

Ryle does not only write about biblical faith, he demonstrates it. Make thou no exception, when he makes none. Materials for such an account were got together by one of his sons, and forwarded to Lady Huntingdon.

I die as 18tu poor sinner, depending fully and entirely on the merits of a crucified Saviour for my acceptance with God. But now men must have tea, and some, too, must have brandy!

I, who am apt to be sanguine, hope it cyristian proceed from the operation of God’s Holy Spirit, that by taking off your relish for earthly enjoyments he may prepare and dispose your mind for a more serious and close application to things of a more sublime and spiritual nature.

Like Whitefield, too, his feelings never interfered with the exercise of his voice; and even when his affections moved him to tears in preaching, he was able to continue speaking with uninterrupted clearness.

His fame soon spread throughout the country, and people came from all parts to hear him. When the Holy Ghost takes in hand the conversion of a soul, he often causes a variety of circumstances to concur and co-operate in producing it.

ry,e But how great must be the jealousy of the Lord Jesus for his people I He will not lose any of them. If he taught little to others, he undoubtedly learned much. There is every reason to believe that Rowlands felt his expulsion most keenly. Art thou tempted to idolatry?