maternal mortality Govt. of Gujarat launched scheme called Chiranjeevi Yojana ( CY) in Dec. Shortage of obstetricians in rural areas of India. The research. Background The Chiranjeevi Yojana (CY) is a Public-Private-Partnership between the state and private obstetricians in Gujarat, India, since. Effect of Chiranjeevi Yojana on institutional deliveries and neonatal and maternal outcomes in Gujarat, India: a difference-in-differences analysis.

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The Chiranjeevi beneficiaries are getting Rs for transportation from the service provider as per the scheme benefit. They expressed a need to balance altruism with entrepreneurship, and were disappointed when the scheme chiiranjeevi not yield an increase in new patients, or provide sufficient remuneration for complicated deliveries. Under these circumstances, where the state has a large and growing private health sector, a poorly functioning government sector, and a substantial proportion of the population eligible for social welfare programmes, an innovative scheme to co-opt the private sector to provide delivery care and access to emergency care seemed like a reasonable approach [12].

This selfdeclared motivation of altruism is consistent with the ethical code of the Indian Medical Act, to which all Indian doctors are required to adhere [23]. Many practitioners claimed to find a drop in their revenue when a large number of previously fee-paying clients began claiming free services under the scheme, and others gave examples of non-poor persons holding legal poverty certificates, which they used to access scheme benefits. Two types of samples were selected: A possible explanation for this is that the decision to continue or discontinue was taken as a group, rather than by individual practitioners.

I am paid only Rs 2, The percentage of deliveries conducted by private doctors was 41 in the case of CB and 32 in the case of NCM deliveries. These care providers are reimbursed on a fixed rate for deliveries carried out by them 8. Maternal health situation in India: Further research should address the chiranmeevi quality of care. A Study of ChiranjeeviYojana in Gujarat. Deaths of mothers and children need to be systematically documented and analyzed.

Maternal mortality in resource-poor settings: The proportion of population without any work is marginally higher in district 2 [20]. Mean age average in years at the time of chranjeevi delivery.


These services include regular home-based health monitoring, health insurance, and education to prevention. We used the Framework approach, a matrix-based method for ordering and synthesising data, to analyse the qualitative data [22].

Panchayat Department | Chiranjivi yojana

The percentage of deliveries under Chiranjeevi Scheme was about We selected obstetricians carefully to include men and women of different ages and participation status practitioners currently participating in the CY scheme, those who had discontinued their participation, and those who had never participated at all.

Some of them ciranjeevi mentioned wilful delay at block level to make payments. Details of the financial package for the Chiranjeevi scheme 7. However, the evidence suggests that while some state partnerships with non-governmental organisations, voluntary organisations or the private for-profit sector have been successful, evidence remains mixed [].

Five, more transparency between sectors is required to build trust, which is critical for any partnership to work; schemes similar to CY need to establish good relationships between public and private sectors.

Chiranjivi Yojana

So CY is difficult for me. Submit your next manuscript to BioMed Central and take full advantage of: A number of respondents described obstetricians paying community healthworkers to bring more patients to their hospitals. Participants expressed a tension between doing public good and making a profit. Key issues for attention here concern how to balance the need to monitor such schemes, whilst streamlining the paperwork and reducing perceived bureaucracy.

Department for International Development; The primary reason for these maternal deaths is that the majority of deliveries are not attended by skilled persons, women do not have access to emergency obstetric care EmOCand there is little postnatal follow-up.

Women not using the services yet should be motivated to take benefit of the scheme. BMC Public Health Although all deliveries under the Chiranjeevi Scheme are supposed to be in the hospital of private empanelled doctors, only one delivery 0.

At the same time, few BPL patients attend free antenatal care. However, a decline in The Chiranjeevi clients used rickshaw most commonlyjeep, and chhakdo an indigenous mechanized mode of transportation to reach the healthcare facility for delivery. We identified six main themes that help to explain private practitioner decisions to participate in the CY scheme, the important influences on their decision making, and their experiences of participating in the scheme.


Summary and conclusion The Chiranjeevi Scheme has provided financial protection against the cost of delivery and EmOC to the marginalized section of the population. PG coded all transcripts using a coding index based on concepts identified after reading and re-reading the transcripts.

They are always suspicious about private doctors. These roles are divided into state level statewide planning, implementation, and monitoring of the schemedistrict level districtwide implementation, provider enrollment and orientation, provider compensation, and report collectionblock level registration of beneficiaries, bill collection from providers, and overall supervisionand village level motivating expectant mothers to use institutional delivery and facilitating their visit.

One current participant in an urban area described his disappointment at Ganguly et al. Recent evidence suggests Chiranjeevi Yojana is failing to attract and retain private doctors, with increasing attrition of obstetricians from the scheme.

Some doctors had reservations over the quality of care that doctors could provide given the financial constraints of the scheme. We cannot discount the possibility of such bias entirely and we have taken this into account into our analysis. It is estimated that about 1.

That is why C. Additional expenditure incurred by the Chiranjeevi clients on medicines for self and child was, on average, Rs CY is a performancebased financing scheme, where maternity services are contracted out by the state to private obstetricians accredited on proof of certain criteria, such as providing a minimum of 15 beds and ready access to anaesthetic and blood transfusion facilities. In most cases these requests were for individuals who were not eligible for CY, or who were not able to produce the necessary documents.

Some doctors had concerns about the quality and accountability that could be provided under the financial constraints of the scheme. Our findings suggest that private practitioners share some common concerns about participating in this performance-based financing scheme.